Patrick Mahomes: I can only imagine how good Justyn Ross is going to be


Chiefs undrafted receiver Justyn Ross created a stir on social media when he made a terrific one-handed catch during Wednesday’s OTA practice and carried himself as if it were business as usual.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes praised Ross for the catch on Twitter and had more positive things to say about the young receiver when he was asked about Ross during his Thursday press conference.

“Yeah, I mean, you still see the talent. I think that’s the first thing,” Mahomes said. “I know people saw the catch on Twitter, but it’s just the way he catches the football out of the air. He snatches it — there’s no drops or anything like that. Now it’s about him learning the NFL offense. That’s how it is for every rookie when they come in, is, you don’t see that top talent that they can be until they learn and they can just play fast. And I think you’ve seen that. You’ve seen those flashes of how talented he can be. And then you’ve seen times where he’s just barely off of what we wanted. And he learns from that, he doesn’t make that same mistake.

“And so, the more and more reps that he gets, I can only imagine how good he’s going to be because of the talent he possesses.”

Ross’ story is unique because he appeared on track to become a first-round pick as a true freshman at Clemson. But then he had a series of injuries, including a spinal condition that has now been fully cleared.

It’s May, which makes it too early to come to any sort of conclusions about an undrafted free agent. But there’s opportunity at receiver on the Chiefs and Ross appears to be taking advantage of that.

6 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: I can only imagine how good Justyn Ross is going to be

  1. Obviously someone to root for. But keep in mind, this is non contact drills, no real pass rush, and he has a spinal condition that limited his play in college. Even if he is cleared to play – don’t think that opposing defenses won’t target his back with hits. (Defenders always target potential weaknesses on players). So, it is way too early . But still wish him luck.

  2. Every thing said above is fair. All the same, from where this kid has been and what’s he’s going through, let’s just say it’s a great start and go from there. I wish him the best.

  3. The kid has a great shot to make the roster. His health seems to be more of a factor than his talent. He’s got the tools, but can he play 20 games per year? As Dennis Green would probably say…”Let’s don’t crown his ass just yet”.
    For the Chiefs, this is a great big cherry on top of a great 2022 draft. Tyreek is history. Skyy is the limit. Ross is the sprinkles on top of an already GREAT offense.

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