Darren Waller: My agent is working on my contract

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Raiders tight end Darren Waller is due to make $7 million in compensation this season. That ranks 15th in the NFL at his position, and he ranks 17th in average pay for tight ends.

Waller has outplayed the contract he signed in 2019 as he has two years and no guaranteed money left on the deal.

Waller, though, has continued to participate in the Raiders’ voluntary offseason program despite his desire for a new deal, letting his agent handle negotiations.

“My agent is working on that,” Waller said on the Ross Tucker Podcast. “I understand it, but I know if I focus on it too much, it could take away from my job and learning a new system and just continuing to try to elevate and take care of my body in the right way. I try to focus on those things and let my agent handle that. When decisions need to be made, decisions need to be made.”

Browns tight end David Njoku received a four-year $56.75 million deal with $28 million guaranteed this week. That makes him the fifth-highest paid tight end in the NFL.

In his five-year career, Njoku has 148 receptions for 1,754 yards and 15 touchdowns. In the past three seasons, Waller has 252 receptions for 3,006 yards and 14 touchdowns.

The Raiders are going to pay Waller, and he is going to get a better deal than Njoku received from the Browns. The only question is: When?

9 responses to “Darren Waller: My agent is working on my contract

  1. Waller is stud, very much deserves to be paid accordingly. The guy can play out wide and a great blocker !! I’m sure the raiders can accommodate this kid !!!

  2. 2 years and no guarantees? Ouch. Maybe he should look into a better agent. What a bad position to be in. No leverage (other than being awesome, but typically hurt) and an organization that may or may not be able to afford your services.

    Waller is a beast. If the Raiders let him go they will heavily regret it. Pay the man before it gets awkward.

  3. He is top 5 in the league when healthy. So is Renfro at slot.

    June 1 is coming, amd so is an increase in the cap. It will be a fair deal I’m sure.

  4. Hopefully working on getting you out of that disastrously career damaging situation on the Raiders!

    After this 3-14 season is finished, he will be begging to be cut from that bottom dweller squad.

  5. Waller is discussing an immediate trade to save face and embarrassment of being in a Raiders uniform.

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