Despite giving up Super Bowl halftime show, Pepsi remains an NFL sponsor

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Pepsi is out as the sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show, but it’s still in as a major NFL sponsor.

Pepsi officially announced this week that, after 10 years as the presenting sponsor of a concert seen by more than 100 million people annually, it will surrender that position. However, Pepsi will remain a sponsor of the NFL.

Its parent company, PepsiCo, has multiple deals with the NFL, via the Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi brands. They have all been renewed.

Via CNBC, PepsiCo previously paid $2 billion over 10 years to the NFL. Terms of the new deal, without the halftime show, have not been disclosed.

The NFL reportedly wants up to $50 million annually for the Super Bowl halftime rights. The broader plan includes making the show stretch well beyond the 12 minutes that it unfolds, with “documentary footage around the preparations for the show or behind-the-scenes access, or footage from dress rehearsals or bonus performances.”

This strategy points to a partner who will be able to maximize that value, like Amazon or Verizon or Apple or some other media company. Regardless, someone will be digging deep in order to put their name on the Super Bowl halftime show — starting in 2023. And if the NFL doesn’t get the money it’s looking for, it surely wouldn’t hesitate to go forward without any presenting sponsor.

12 responses to “Despite giving up Super Bowl halftime show, Pepsi remains an NFL sponsor

  1. Halftime show is a joke. Haven’t watched one in over 20 years, and from what I hear I’m not missing anything. Pepsi realized that. People are tuning in because they want to see who has the funniest commercials, not for what is playing at halftime.

  2. Bring back Bruno Mars for he is pure entertainment not what we have seen in the last few years!

  3. The last few halftime shows were awful and would not have befitted any advertiser

  4. Just checked my refrigerator and pantry and there is not one Pepsico product in the house.

  5. Coke is way better than Pepsi but I drink nether… gave all sodas up.

  6. The only thing less interesting than the super bowl halftime show is the probowl

  7. Quick, someone tell the politicians or rich lobby groups.
    They can have a captive audience.

  8. Well, if no one is willing to pony up $50M, they could always go back to high school & college marching bands.
    Or just replay Prince singing “Purple Rain” in actual rain.

  9. They cover expenses and production cost , roughly 13 million) but pay the preformers nothing. Yet they expect sponsors to anti up 50 million . Oh I get it now , it’s a profit deal !

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