Win a free signed copy of Playmakers for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming. It would be good to buy something for your dad. It would be even better to win something for him. Or for yourself.

PublicAffairs has launched a Father’s Day sweepstakes with three prizes. A signed copy of Playmakers, a signed copy of The Silver Waterfall, and a signed copy of Jimmy The King.

Three people will win the three-book prize. You can enter here.

Or you can just buy one or more of these books.

Playmakers debuted on March 15. It tells the story of the NFL of the past 20 years, one incident, controversy, anecdote, etc. at a time. It’s a mosaic that ultimately demonstrates how the NFL operates, and how the league somehow thrives through a degree of ever-present dysfunction.

2 responses to “Win a free signed copy of Playmakers for Father’s Day

  1. I thought the NFL was keen on international expansion but UK is excluded from this sweepstake… snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! 🙂

  2. Would be a great gift for my Pops, already had got him Dave Gettleman’s book. He would appreciate this.

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