Darren Waller is woefully underpaid

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Darren Waller has gone from being the subject of trade rumors to being a candidate for a new contract.

Waller, who recently said his agent is working on a new deal, needs one. If, as 49ers tight end George Kittle recently said, the compensation paid to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelceboggles the mind” in comparison to the money receivers are making, Waller’s contract turns the stomach.

He’ll make $6.25 million in base salary each of the next two seasons, along with up to $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses. Throw in his $250,000 workout bonus each year, and that’s a total compensation package of $7 million annually.

That’s less than half of what guys like Kelce and Kittle are making, and they’re at half the top end of the receiver market.

Meanwhile, Browns tight end David Njoku signed last week a four-year, $56.75 million deal ($14.18 million per year), even though his best season still resulted in fewer receiving yards than Waller’s 665 in 11 games last year.

Complicating matters for the Raiders is that they’re paying Davante Adams huge money, and he’s never before played for the team. Waller quietly has emerged as one of the best and most valuable members of the roster, giving the Raiders three years of solid performance.

Injury limited him to 11 games in 2021, which will surely make the new regime want to see what he’s able to do in 2022 before signing him to a new deal.

From Waller’s perspective, should he wait? “When decisions need to be made, decisions need to be made,” Waller said.

Decision No. 1: Should he show up for training camp without a new contract? Whatever he decides, that’s definitely the first decision that needs to be made.

16 responses to “Darren Waller is woefully underpaid

  1. One might make the argument that being paid $7,000,000 to catch a football is incredibly overpaid when compared to the $50,000 a teacher earns.

  2. Not a whole lot of leverage at this time after he had an incomplete season last year. Now if he comes back and shows he was the player he was in 2020 then yes, it’s time to talk re-negotiation.

  3. It’s common knowledge that Darren Waller isn’t worth the money. I heard from a close friend of the family he hates being in a Raiders uniform, so this will help his cause to run away from this disaster organization.

  4. I think it’s time we all faced the glaring truth that Darren Waller just isn’t as good as the hype portrays. Raiders desperately need a QB and a defense, Darren Waller and Devante Adams are going to be on other teams after this 3-14 season.

  5. This is similar to the Jessie Bates situation in Cincy. Free agents got a ton of money. How bout paying one of your own? Another team will if you don’t. And hes kinda the QB on defense.

  6. Waller is NOT woefully underpaid. He is being paid the exact amount that he agreed to when he signed his contract. When a player signs a contract with a team, both he and the team are taking a calculated risk as to whether his performance will warrant the amount that he will be paid.

  7. Perhaps his three positive tests and two substance abuse suspensions with the Ravens plays into it.

  8. Raiders were winning without him last year and I personally think he planned to sit out the season. All of a sudden when we’re really pushing for the playoffs, he’s magically active. Definitely a price it year for me with him.

  9. Who is Darren Waller? The Raiders have a roster of unknowns, unlike their playbook.

    This team will be rebuilding for years to come.

  10. Imagine some f00l caring about other’s opinions on Darren Waller’s salary.

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