Jameis Winston reportedly is moving with a “visible limp”

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During Week Eight of the 2021 season, Saints quarterback Jameis Winston suffered a torn ACL. He has been cleared to participate in the team’s 2022 Organized Team Activities, and so he is.

But there’s a catch. There’s a limp. A visible one, via Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.football. Underhill noticed the limp during last week’s OTA sessions.

There’s clearly a balance to be struck between getting ready for 2022 and protecting against re-injury or further injury or a new injury as he compensates for the knee. And if Winston has a setback, the next man up is Andy Dalton and then Ian Book. (Taysom Hill has exited the quarterback room for 2022.)

There’s another possible path. The Saints, who tried to trade for Deshaun Watson in March, jump into the eventual bidding for Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo.

22 responses to “Jameis Winston reportedly is moving with a “visible limp”

  1. The Saints most reliable QB is Andy Dalton…
    Dalton is more durable than Jimmy G…
    Baker is a wild card… He won with the Browns while injured so he could be more successful with a better team like the Saints…

  2. He will be fine. It is not his plant leg that is the most important one. If he takes off and runs less because of the injury and a leg brace so what.

    The reciever room got great so passing will not be a problem.

  3. I’ve posted this several times. I still think the best landing spot for Baker Mayfield is New Orleans.

  4. I worried as soon as I heard that he was fully involved in OTAs, and when I saw footage. He’s rushing himself, and he’s not being restrained, as he should be, by the team. Rehabilitation first, then ease back into football, there’s time. Go Jameis Winston, Go Saints!!

  5. Jameis has always walked with a hitch in his giddyup

  6. I have no idea why but I’ve always like Famous. Sure, he’s a turnover machine at time, but dang that dude can ball. I hope he stays healthy this year because he might put the league on notice. I mean, dude made Callaway look like a pro bowl WR in a couple games. He’s got the skill if he can fix the leaks.

  7. After ACL surgery, the most important thing is to learn to fully straighten your leg. If you don’t, you will limp. He did it in October so hes only 8 months out of surgery. The full recovery is 10-12 months for his age, Hell, i still had swelling at that point.

    Its unreasonable to expect him to be more than 85% at this point.

  8. larryuberstein says:
    May 30, 2022 at 11:30 am

    Reunite Jarvis and Baker! Lol, Landry might just quit.


    Which would be ungrateful, considering that Mayfield gave Landry the only playoff win in his career. Apart from that, all Landry has ever won is the skills competition at the Pro Bowl five years ago.

  9. GO GET GARDNER MINSHEW. HE PUT UP COMPARABLE NUMBERS TO Kyler Murray in his rookie year with better numbers in some areas despite a worse team.

  10. Too bad they just didn’t play out the season and use next year’s 1st rounder they traded away on one of those QBs.

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