Justin Fields: We don’t have big name wideouts, but we have talent

NFL: MAY 17 Chicago Bears OTA Offseason Workouts
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One common theme of the Bears offseason has been those outside the organization criticizing the team for a perceived lack of moves to help quarterback Justin Fields.

Allen Robinson left for the Rams in free agency and the team has not made any splashy moves to replace him at wide receiver. Darnell Mooney is the No. 1 receiver in a group that also includes Byron Pringle, Equanimeous St. Brown, Tajae Sharpe, Dante Pettis, and third-round pick Velus Jones.

Those aren’t headline names, but Fields said recently that he thinks the group is talented enough to handle the job.

“We don’t have an Odell [Beckham Jr.] or a Cooper Kupp on our team, but at the end of the day I think if everybody is on their P’s and Q’s, and we’re on top of everything and not making mistakes, the players we have right now are good enough,” Fields said, via Scott Polacek of Bleacher Report. “The front office thinks that, too. The fans outside of the facility, they don’t know what’s going on at practice. Just because we don’t have a big-name guy, doesn’t mean those guys aren’t talented. I have plenty of confidence in myself and my teammates that we’re going to get the job done.”

The proof will come in the fall and a better than expected showing for the Bears offense would be a good sign for Fields’ future in Chicago.

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  1. Boy, what a strong endorsement……. We don’t have any really good receivers, but we have some with “talent”. Get ready for another very long year, Bears fans.

    Bears will be cellar dwellers this year. The Lions actually have some talent and should be able to be a .500 team.

  2. He mentions Cooper Kupp.
    Kupp didn’t come into the league as a star. He made himself into one despite having a quarterback (Jared Goff) who most people didn’t view as “elite”.
    Don’t get discouraged, Bears fans. One of your “no-name” guys has the opportunity to become a “name”.

  3. Bears will be cellar dwellers this year. The Lions actually have some talent and should be able to be a .500 team.
    Just don’t understand this Lions off-season hype. It took them 12 weeks to win their first game with Jared Goff and Dan Campbell and both are inexplicably back this season after winning 3 games. A rookie pass rusher and injured receiver is worth 5-6 wins? Reminds me of the Giants hype last year.

  4. This time of year every team is undefeated, but somehow Fields already sounds 0-1.

  5. Don’t worry Bear fans, you only have three more years of Fields until you don’t extend him. But look on the bright side, you have money to sign free agents.

  6. The QB has a lot to do with guys becoming big name receivers. But a young QB’s best friend is a strong defense. If you fall behind in every game and the opposing team knows you have to throw, they can stop your offense, and your QB gets the crap beat out of him. Then you start developing bad habits, and everyone thinks the QB was a bust. The guys like Brady and Montana come around about once every 30 years, so don’t compare everyone to those two guys.

  7. Not writing Fields off. Let’s see what he does without Nagy being a problem.

  8. There is opportunity in the Bears receivers room. A so-called “big name” is no guarantee of performance, only of sucking up salary cap. One or more of these young guys will emerge as Fields’ #1. Success in the NFL does not happen overnight. Bears fans have shown patience, but this journey continues.

  9. Yikes. And yet they still pack the field and cash the checks. The Bears have been garbage for 35 years. Sweetness was the last thing they ever had.

  10. Allen Robinson’s talent is significantly better than “good enough”. Allen Robinson will now most likely become a “big name” receiver. Allen Robinson’s problem in Chicago wasn’t Allen Robinson.

  11. Better to keep your pie hole shut until you perform to the level of your draft status.

  12. Dwayne Haskins, Terrell Pryor, JT Barret, Cardelle Jones, Braxton Miller…. Fields has quite an accomplished list of Ohio State quarterbacks to follow

  13. neverdieeasy says:
    May 30, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    Yikes. And yet they still pack the field and cash the checks. The Bears have been garbage for 35 years. Sweetness was the last thing they ever had.
    Well, let’s look at their standings since 2000.

  14. 2001- 13-3
    2005- 11-5
    2006: 13-3 Lost in the Super Bowl
    2010: 11-5
    2018: 12-4
    2020: 8-8 still made the playoffs.

  15. Tough to judge him as a bust now. I’d be more worried about the O-line, and if that doesn’t improve it will still be hard to judge him.

  16. If and when Fields starts to suck this season, how long till his believers start claiming “he struggles because he has no real talent at receiver/tight end”. ?….That long slow wind up delivery of his, plus his difficulty moving past his 1st read are going to be as much of a problem as the lack of a standout receiver.

  17. That is a trash WR corp. Yes, everyone in the NFL has talent, some just have…um…more of it.

    Not a single dude on that team will command a double team. Fast, sure. There will be moments they all shine, but none of them are WR1’s.

  18. Bears and Jags both need to see the silver lining. They could finish as the two worst teams in the league. Both teams have QBs. That means they stand to cash in with multiple picks from QB needy teams trading up.

  19. All those listed winning seasons were useless. They were never feared and lost big games every year. Poor roster and lack of growing their own players.

  20. WRs are a dime a dozen, Bears will have at least 8-9 wins this season. Might even squeak into the playoffs….again.

  21. Not exactly the right thing to say about the team but ill give him little slack for being young and not knowing too much yet. My sources are saying 4-13 maybe. Fields its up to you to make them “names”

  22. I beg to differ. The cupboard is bare. The writing was on the wall with the Fields pick before it was ever made. A different version of Trubisky. It’s the Bears way.

  23. They may have talent on the team but one thing is certain, that talent is nowhere to be found at QB.

  24. When Fields shredded the Raiders in Vegas last season, he had only 12/20 and 1 TD for 111yds. While the 3rd stringer – Derek Carr 22/35 0 ZERO TDS for 206 yards at home.

    The Bears also fleeced the Raiders in 2018, just like Green Bay did this year!

  25. The Bears are doing things the right way. Yes, they’ll probably be bad this year. But they’ve cleared out a ton of bad contracts and they’re building around a QB they believe in with draft picks.

    Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. The approach that the Bears are taking shows patience and discipline.

    Now as to whether Fields will turn out to be a good qb, I have no idea. But the Bears’ brass clearly does think he will and they’re building this team the right way instead of going for a quick fix. I gotta respect that.

  26. Either Fields isn’t the new front office’s guy OR they understand that they need to tear the whole thing down and try to build back on his rookie contract.

    I think it’s more likely that it’s a total rebuild and if Fields works out, that’s icing on the cake. But they don’t seem like they necessarily believe in him, in my opinion. That said… McCaskey made an absolutely horrible mistake by not reigning in (or firing) Ryan Pace before things got way out of hand. Pace never met a bad decision he didn’t want to make twice and his throwing away of draft-after-draft will be effecting the Bears for at least 3-4 more years.

  27. Carr also had a critical INT that Bears game at home as well, my Raiders are the new Browns of the NFL.

  28. They have a better QB at the moment than the Steelers. We will see though when the season starts.

  29. I don’t know if Fields will be good, but people saying he can’t move past his first read are not just wrong but it makes everything else they say sound uninformed. Coming into the draft, he was BY FAR the most likely to move beyond his first read and had BY FAR the best completion percentage on throws beyond his initial read. I found an article onthis very website around this time last year with the following statistics,

    “Per Solak’s charting, Fields completed 69.1% of his throws past the first read— just a shade under his 70.2% overall completion percentage. Meanwhile the numbers of his peers paled in comparison. Lance and Wilson did the best at 64.7% and 59.6% respectively. But Lawrence and Jones really struggled, putting up 43.4% and 31.6% completion rates respectively.”

    Speeding up his delivery is a must and it’s exactly what he worked on in the off-season. He might end up average at best, but he’s never been a one read QB.

  30. Don’t have an O-line and have less than hope the QB will amount to much either so…

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