Here’s a periodic Playmakers plug


June 1 arrives tomorrow. Father’s Day follows that. As you make your way through this Tuesday that feels like a Monday, knock out the first item on next month’s to-do list and buy dad one of his gifts.

Or his only gift, if you’ve budgeted only $18.76 for dad.

That’s still all Playmakers costs. $18.76.

It’s quick and easy. It won’t bust your budget. And dad will enjoy it, if dad loves football.

You’ll enjoy it, too, if you love football and if you love (or love to hate) what we have here. If you visit every day, and many of your still do, why wouldn’t you want to have a tangible piece of your daily habit for your coffee table or your bookshelf?

To the thousands of the daily PFT visitors who have bought it, thank you very much. To the thousands of daily PFT visitors who have procrastinated, just click and then click another time or two and you’ll have it by the end of the week.

Hell, that’s more than enough time to read it before giving it to dad for Father’s Day. Your secret will be safe with us.

2 responses to “Here’s a periodic Playmakers plug

  1. Seriously: I collect first editions of books by sportswriters (Red Smith, Leonard Koppett, Dr. Z). I need a signed first edition. How do I get one?

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