Lovie Smith on trading Deshaun Watson: “Sometimes divorce is good”

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The Texans traded away one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL this offseason, something teams rarely do. But in the unique circumstances facing Houston and Deshaun Watson, new Texans coach Lovie Smith says it was unquestionably the right move.

Smith told Cris Collinsworth that it was past time for the Texans to move on from Watson, who chose not to play for the team last year and remains under investigation after 22 different massage therapists accused him of sexual misconduct.

“Sometimes divorce is good, and that’s my statement that I’ve made a lot of times when you know a split’s going to happen, and both parties are going to win once it does,” Smith said.

Smith said investigating Watson’s alleged off-field misconduct is not his job, but strictly from a football perspective the Texans need to move forward.

“I don’t know exactly what happened. The accusations are there, and if they have merit that will all come out in time. But for our football team, we needed to move on,” Smith said.

The Texans appear unlikely to field a strong roster this year, and the 64-year-old Smith may not have a long future in Houston. But there was never any question when Smith took the job that moving on from Watson was going to be the Texans’ move. Smith is glad to have it over with.

31 responses to “Lovie Smith on trading Deshaun Watson: “Sometimes divorce is good”

  1. “Most talented quarterbacks in the NFL?” He won the same number of games Davis Mills did. Watson also hasn’t played in 2 years and has one of the biggest clouds over him the NFL has ever seen. The Texans have been a mess, but they robbed the Browns.

  2. Especially when that QB is a career under .500 player who had some of the best receivers in all of football

  3. I dispute the “one of the most talented quarterbacks line” Going 4-12 the last year that he played doesn’t say much !

  4. When 22 out of 40 massage therapists accuse your spouse of sexual assault divorce is almost always good.

  5. David Mills won the same number of games with much less talent around him. I am not convinced Watson is a franchise QB even without the off field issues.

  6. “Divorcing” a hundreds of million dollar headache is yeah, probably good.
    What were the Browns thinking?

  7. Thanks for the draft picks, Cleveland. Leopards do not change their spots. After signing a new contract with the Texans, he demanded a trade just months later, and folks must remember Watson quit on the Texans, his teammates, and his fans. Once a Primadonna/quitter always a Primadonna/quitter.

    Look for Watson to ask for a new contract after the 2023 season, he will not want to go into the 2024 year with only two years left. Can you image not playing because he is suspended for the next two years due to being suspended, and then him asking for a contract extension? I can!

    Good luck Cleveland, y’all made your bed, now sleep in it.

  8. waitstop says:
    May 31, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    They aren’t my team but I’m going to be rooting for Lovie and this team.


    Same here. I love their lineup of coaches and roster of underdogs with something to prove. Now that the cancer is gone, there’s no reason to root against the guys who remain.

  9. Browns fans all infatuated with Watson who has not actually done anything but pad his stats with good receivers. People ignore that a lot of those numbers were the result of playing from behind in games they were losing. He had decent teams and good players around him but they still had losing records. Watson is not a franchise QB and the Browns are going to find out they paid through the nose for someone of Bakers level who BTW has actually held out after getting paid. And they keep saying they wanted and adult at QB without distractions. Now that is comical.

  10. Only for the person in the relationship that was getting the raw end of the deal who now gets to find a better partner. The person who caused it that didn’t appreciate what they had now has to find someone willing to put up with their issues.

  11. “Great quarterback”?! Even if Watson plays football again, he is not a great quarterback. He will get eaten alive by the AFC north defenses. He played in the AFC south with no real competition! Let’s see how great he is playing against Pittsburgh in December!

  12. Addition by subtraction. The Texans put this behind them, reap a bounty in draft picks, clear cap space, and move on.

    I approve.

  13. I’m not a fan of the Texans but I’m glad they got rid of Watson. It’s only a matter of time before he quits on the Browns.

  14. Deshaun Watson may not be agood person, but those that are saying that he isn’t an excellent QB are just plain wrong. Watson played great on a very bad team.

    IN his last full year, 2020, Watson threw for over4800 yards, threw 33 Tds with only 7 ints, and had a QBR of 112.4. And that was without a great WR on the team. Watson has a career QBR of over 100.

    Great quarterback. Questionable character, at best..

  15. Trade for Jimmy G! He would be a good leader for this band of scrappy misfits!

  16. When the dust settles years from now, it will be written that the Texans got the best of this deal. Another woman just filed against him so the hits keep coming and somewhere Baker is loving it.

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