Mark Rypien’s former longtime partner files personal injury lawsuit against him

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Mark Rypien’s former longtime partner has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Super Bowl XXVI MVP, The Spokesman-Review reports. Danielle Wade accuses Rypien of years of physical and emotional abuse in the suit she filed in Spokane County Superior Court.

The couple previously spoke of violence in their home they believed to be a result of head trauma Rypien experienced while playing four years at Washington State and 14 seasons in the NFL. In the lawsuit, Wade alleges violence in the relationship starting as early as 2008 and continuing until September 2020.

The lawsuit acknowledges Rypien’s diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, but Wade’s attorney, Mary Schultz, said, “That does not give him license to assault his wife.”

Rypien’s attorney released a statement in response to the allegations in the lawsuit.

“Mr. Rypien categorically and unequivocally condemns domestic violence,” the statement reads. “He had a relationship with Danielle Wade that ended recently.

“During this relationship, Mr. Rypien acknowledged and apologized for actions that were harmful to Ms. Wade for which he is truly sorry,” the statement said. “He has full faith in the judicial system and hopes the parties can reach a just resolution so that they can move forward living their separate lives.”

Rypien, now 59, was arrested in June 2019 for suspicion of domestic violence, but a judge dismissed the charge.

Washington made Rypien a sixth-round choice in 1986, and he played six seasons there before bouncing around the league. He spent time with the Rams, Browns, Colts and Eagles, finishing his career after the 2001 season.

7 responses to “Mark Rypien’s former longtime partner files personal injury lawsuit against him

  1. curtis20 says:
    May 31, 2022 at 6:40 pm
    Please throw the book at him No excuse for this behaviour. No plea deals
    You understand this is a civil lawsuit not a criminal trial???

  2. Former longtime partner? What’s that even mean? Business partner? Do we not even speak basic English anymore???

  3. Possible translation: He traded her in on a newer model and she is getting revenge, plus cash to date the scorn of her fury.

  4. He’s been out of the league for 21 years!?!?
    OMG am I getting old.

  5. theoriginalsurferbob says:
    “Former longtime partner? What’s that even mean?”

    Meaning they were in a long term relationship but never got married legally.

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