Najee Harris says he weighed 240 as a rookie, denies he’s gained a lot of weight

NFL: MAY 25 Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workouts
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Pittsburgh’s Najee Harris has always been a big running back, but Harris says he’s not much bigger now than he was as a rookie.

Responding to a report that his weight increased from 232 pounds to 244, Harris said that he’s been right around 240 since the Steelers drafted him a year ago.

“Bra I weighed 240 last year. Reporters really don’t be knowing nothing just be tweeting shit,” Harris wrote.

A running back gaining weight is rarely a good thing, but based on images from the Steelers’ Organized Team Activities, Harris doesn’t look noticeably bigger than he was a year ago.

12 responses to “Najee Harris says he weighed 240 as a rookie, denies he’s gained a lot of weight

  1. Eddie Lacy loved Chinese Buffet’s. He loved them so much,.. they cost him his career. But Eddie was a great personality,… nice guy for sure.

  2. So nice to see such an articulate young man. That Alabama education really paid off.

  3. Name a good NFL RB from Bama since Saban has been there (except Derrick Henry)….and he is large as well….maybe it is all the free meals they get ?

  4. Yeah – Lacy looked like a Sumo wrestler by the end of his (abbreviated) career. I remember the Steelers drafting Lev Bell in front of Lacy. Both guys kinda torpedoed their own careers.

  5. He weighed 232lbs at the combine. This is factual evidence. Reporters didn’t make up anything.

  6. Hopefully he is not another Eddie Lacy

    Well we know he is not another NKeal Harry…..right?

  7. Ha it doesn’t matter what he weighs, get ready for last place in the division.

  8. At 6’2 244, it’s pretty much near impossible not to be fat or at least beyond what’s considered natural limits of lean body mass. That said, 4 lbs (or even 14) could be water weight from a weekend or just general off-season layoff. It’s more important how he carries that weight when it’s time for games.

  9. Yea, and Bettis was a hall of famer. He was just a Primanti’s sammich shy of 300 lbs during his career.

    Who cares what he weighs, if he can tote the rock, score and plow people over!

  10. Dude is jacked and basically a Henry minus the few inches in height. Tree trunk legs and fast feet. Gonna roll this year since the line will be better. 1500 plus yards easy.

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