A 24th lawsuit will be filed against Deshaun Watson

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Largely lost in the news that a 23rd lawsuit has been filed against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is that a 24th lawsuit is coming.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, per multiple reports, said Tuesday that yet another lawsuit against Watson is in the works.

Watson will deny all allegations, as he has throughout this process. But the total number will become two dozen.

Although Watson’s lawyers want to make Buzbee the focal point of the suggestion that it’s all embellished, exaggerated, and/or fabricated, it becomes very difficult for Buzbee, if he’s indeed holding together 24 women with meritless claims, to keep them from eventually getting wobbly. From complaining among themselves or to others that they thought it was going to be a quick and easy payday, that it’s all taking too long, and/or that they “didn’t sign up for this,” something along those lines would have surfaced by now. However, there’s been no indication whatsoever of a fracture or fissure among the plaintiffs who are suing Watson.

While there may indeed be serious weaknesses in one or more of the claims made against Watson, there are now 24 people making those claims. How can a reasonable person accept that all 24 are wrong or lying and/or that Buzbee has somehow engineered without a hitch a conspiracy of women who have weak cases to come together — and to stay together — for nearly 15 months, and counting.

He could still win each of the 24 cases, if they all go to trial. However, anyone who knows anything about how the legal system truly works would have to admit that any given lawsuit aimed at resolving contested facts is a crapshoot, a coin toss. The chances of winning 24 such coin tosses are slim, to say the least.

Through it all, the expanding portfolio of lawsuits continues to provide a very real distraction for Watson, his new team, and its fans — many of whom aren’t comfortable with the situation and many of whom have slipped into predictable, knee-jerk efforts to defend their quarterback, no matter what.

63 responses to “A 24th lawsuit will be filed against Deshaun Watson

  1. I’m sure they can keep digging up willing participants to these suits…. He should have settled this thing in the beginning

  2. A grand jury found them meritless, that’s a factor that should be mentioned along the number.

  3. Boys, this may be the best 30 for 30 of all time.

    “What if I told you, a playoff team traded away it’s future and a quarter billion guaranteed dollars for nothing?”

  4. Funny thing little tidbit you’ll discover if you know someone in law enforcement…

    If you catch them doing one thing, it usually means they got away with it 10 times before.

  5. $230 million. Fully guaranteed. Forever retaining the title “Mistake by the Lake”

  6. I am not saying none of these claims are false, but I have to believe many of them are a “MONEY GRAB”

  7. In 2023, suspend him for a year (when the big bucks kick in on his contract). And if Watson thinks he can orchestrate 24 trials to all happen in the offseason, he’s got another thing coming. The team leader will be sitting in court for the week while Cleveland is preparing for a 1st place showdown in mid- December. This is the leader of your team people. Cleveland deserves everything they get from this situation. And I hope Baker tells them to go kick stones.

  8. Your comment is awaiting censorship. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved by our liberal censors says:

    How much guaranteed money did they give him? Is there any “out” for the Browns if they decide to go a new direction, or the NFL decides he isnt worthy of the shield (lol, like that would happen)?

  9. How can you have a serial assault schemer playing qb in the nfl?

    Just curious.

  10. What were the Browns thinking when they traded for Watson and gave him all of that guaranteed money?

  11. I never thought I’d admit this, but I’m so sick of all this stuff with Watson I actually miss the summer Favre drama from back in the day.

  12. Here comes more “vehement” denials. Vehement denials usually mean allegations are true.

  13. Cleveland has to sit Watson until all this is settled or if his lawyers can somehow get him a not guilty verdict in court.

  14. Here we go Brownies, here we go!!

    Oh man, wonder if 23 and 24 came up in the teams investigation.

  15. I’d say at 22 the claims were enough. The Texans actually look smart for parting with this guy and the Browns are still the Browns.

  16. A lot of press is being given to a QB who hasn’t accomplished anything of significance in his professional career.

  17. Everyone knows a cash settlement is coming. I’d expect even more people to file a lawsuit or join a group claim against Watson.

  18. The footnotes to lawsuit #23 indicate that Watson offered $100,000 each to settle but not all the plaintiffs would get on board due to “the aggressive nondisclosure agreement that Watson’s team proposed.”

    The price is only going up from here.

  19. I’ve been wondering what the Browns plan is if new stuff keeps coming up. It’s not going to be as easy as “stop getting massages” because guys with problems like this tend to keep getting into similar situations. And since he has zero credibility literally any charge is going to taken seriously. We could see a new charge coming up every couple months indefinitely. Some might be credible, others might not be, but all will get reported on and many will believe anything they hear about him. He’s a never-ending PR nightmare.

  20. $230million divided by X (no way it stays at 24) number of lawsuits. Sounds like fair settlement.

  21. gor3hound says:
    June 1, 2022 at 9:42 am
    A grand jury found them meritless, that’s a factor that should be mentioned along the number.


    No there just wasn’t enough evidence to criminally charge him. Which sadly happens in the majority of the he said she said cases. Just because there’s not enough evidence to bring up charges doesn’t mean it did not happen. People have gotten away with murder because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict

  22. remember the grand jury is not a trial jury, just citizens, who may be fans, that are looking at limited evidence and testimony so not too much weight should be put on its outcome, especially since the prosecutor did not very strongly push for indictment in this social climate, which is a crime in it self. Seems like a lazy prosecutor who looked at the optics of indicting a person such as deshaun and wanted nothing to do with the fallout that would go with it. now his team is focusing on smearing the plantiff attorney, wow, talk about a pivot.

  23. With a high paid ambulance chaser like Buzbee, I wouldn’t be shocked if it came out that SOME of the cases are just cash grabs. That being said if half of the cases have merit, that’s still 12 women that have valid cases which still makes Watson a serial predator that the league has the power to suspend. Travis Bauer was suspended for 2 years on cases that were dismissed in the criminal court. 2 years for 2 counts. Like I said if half of Watson’s cases have merit the suspension should be indefinite.

  24. I said way back at the beginning and still contend this is and was all about Money and they lost a lot of leverage when the grand jury refused to indict on more than one occasion.

  25. And the Texans are daily giving thanks to the Browns for helping them dodge a speeding train and land in a pot of gold.

  26. Guilty or not, Watson needs a better attorney! He needs to find a way to shut this spigot of accusers down who somehow can’t file criminal charges but are asking for money! Watson’s probably not a choir boy but it’s naïve to think there’s not a major scam going on here and his attorney hasn’t been competent enough to shut it down!

  27. As a Texans fan, I am so grateful the Texans found a team willing to take the nightmare of Watson off their hands. Plus, the Texans got (3) 1st round draft picks and more mid round draft picks.

    What a giant blunder by Cleveland.

    I do not see how the NFL can allow Watson to play until the lawsuits are completed, either in court or by settlement. The complete facts will not come out until the cases go to court. Just the fact 24 lawsuits have to go to trial could take years. Even if 8 cases go to trial in 2023, 8 go to trial in 2024, and the final 8 go to trial in 2025, there could be really damaging testimony in the 24th trial in 2025. IMHO, I do not see how 8 cases would go to trial in a calendar year, which would mean 6 weeks per trial. If the hope of getting all 24 lawsuits done in 2023 is the goal, then each trial would take 2 weeks = 48 weeks with only 4 weeks to prepare between trials. This is going to take years if the lawsuits go to trial. Watson and Browns only hope is if the plaintiffs agree to settle the lawsuits.

    I just do not see the NFL allowing these lawsuits to continue for at least one year, and maybe up to 3 years, and allowing Watson to play.

    Look for Watson to be suspended until all the lawsuits are completed or settled. The NFL cannot take the chance on letting Watson play and then finding out during the 24th trial, really damaging testimony is given.

  28. they should put the “brown” poop emoji on their helmet.. what a joke…

  29. ghjjf says:
    June 1, 2022 at 10:06 am

    A lot of press is being given to a QB who hasn’t accomplished anything of significance in his professional career.


    Hey, now, that’s a harsh judgment. Let’s see – he made it to the divisional round of the playoffs! Once, a few years ago, and lost badly. (Baker Mayfield also made it that far in the playoffs, a year later, giving the Browns their first playoff win in 30 years.) Then Watson followed that by… going 4-12. Followed by… refusing to play for the team that had just given him a huge contract and sitting out for a year. Followed by… this.

    On second thought, you’re exactly right.

  30. The Browns have to have an exit in the contract, if not, Browns gonna be brown for a long time.

  31. Cleveland meeting room. “We don’t have the capacity to add any more tears to the Factory of Sadness”. Browns G.M. “Hold my Beer”.

  32. gor3hound says:
    June 1, 2022 at 9:42 am
    A grand jury found them meritless, that’s a factor that should be mentioned along the number.


    Let me help you “Browns Fan”. No they did not find them meritless. For one they can’t even make that determination as a legal finding. What they did was choose not to indict him currently as the amount of evidence is great for a criminal case and they only get one shot at it. For some reason people think the legal matter is over and it is not. The DA can at anytime decide to prosecute him again with or without the grand jury indictment. In this type of case if he settles or loses any of these in a civil case all of the information and evidence including the court transcripts will make a criminal case stronger and more likely. The DA can sit and let the civil case do his work then bring criminal charges when he want.

    Beside all of that, do you really in good sense believe all of these women are lying? That is just ignorant. And if you do not know there were other woman who did not join the civil case because of fear of people like you with the backlash and hate and Watson himself. These woman were contacted and even talked out of the case by Watson’s lawyers as well. Watson and his acting like he did nothing along with the Browns paying him like a superstar and not caring about his character and these woman are why they are stepping up and joining the case now. I do not know if he is guilty but I am not ignorant and after he sent that text admitting he made the one woman cry, I think it is obvious he has a problem and is most likely guilty.

  33. The venom a lot of you seem to have towards the Browns, you also have for New Orleans, Carolina, Atlanta, and the other unnamed teams who made an offer that the Texans refused right?

  34. Cleveland Browns, absolutely the most incompetent franchise in all of pro sports. The season won’t start for another 3 months and already the dumpster fire is a raging inferno.

  35. I don’t see anyway that the NFL let’s Watson play until this whole case is settled. The NFL needs to rule on this as a foundational case that many if not all sexual misconduct cases will use for future cases. Let’s just say they give him a 8 game suspension and then 10 more woman come forward later this summer. Patience is a virtue right now to the frustration of Browns fans.

  36. I just don’t get it. After years and years of futility, we win a playoff game. And then they decide to tear that up and sell out for Watson. I mean I know Baker wasn’t top-tier talent, but wow. This is what we sold out for??

  37. Actually these sort of late sudden surfacings tend to smell wrong. They could be legit, but when facts start ‘emerging’ at different timely moments that adds a fishy look to anything.

  38. I’m a long time suffering Brown’s fan, I was dissappointed when I found out the Browns traded away their future for Watson. I have a suggestion which I’m sure won’t happen but here goes, Boycott all Brown’s home games stick to the Haslams where it hurts!!

  39. Clearly content going to court. Don’t blame him. He might be a scum bag, but OUR system says innocent until proven guilty. A grand jury decided not to press charges. Even if a lower court make him fork over millions he will never admit fault.

  40. And I love how you guys trash the Cleveland fans. They didn’t sign him!

  41. This doesn’t even include all the women who acquisied and willingly had sex with the man. If that isn’t serial bad bevaviour, I’m not sure what it takes. But, as a fan, I just want to know what it takes to qualify as bad behaviour for the NFL?

  42. I’m not a Browns fan at all, but it does seem there should be consideration to the fact a grand jury declined to indite for criminal proceedings. If the evidence is that poor to not get past a grand jury that is telling.

  43. Man, just when things are looking up from Browns fans the team willingly signs on the dotted line for this slow motion disaster. I’m actually hoping he’s suspended for 2 years so we can actually talk about football and not this every freakin’ day. It’s going to be impossible to root for this team with this Deshaun garbage day in day out. It’s just so hard to be a Browns fan.

  44. I think the NFL hands down a suspension of a few seasons. The court of public opinion has pretty much deliberated already. 1 or 2 women Watson could have maybe skated on because of his status (at least before this mess). No rational person can not at least see a pattern at 24…and counting.
    Lost in all this is the other 31 owners are probably furious about the guaranteed contract. They may lobby for the suspension to be extremely severe to serve as a cautionary tale about such big guaranteed money.

  45. Buzbee is extremely wealthy. He made hundreds of millions of dollars for himself from the BP Oil Spill cases. It wouldn’t surprise me for one second that he has agreed to pay each one of the accusers money himself in order to keep them all in line.

  46. @joyriderideem

    The 31 owners have ZERO to do with whatever suspension he is getting. And if you think other owners wouldn’t have eventually handed a contract like this, you are sadly mistaken.

    ALSO, if you think the Browns handed over $230M to see Watson get suspended for multiple years, you are again sadly mistaken.


  47. madcapdawgfan says:
    June 1, 2022 at 12:45 pm
    I just don’t get it. After years and years of futility, we win a playoff game. And then they decide to tear that up and sell out for Watson. I mean I know Baker wasn’t top-tier talent, but wow. This is what we sold out for??

    Exactly. At the very least, Mayfield earned an extension with his play in 2020. The team should’ve shut him down by week 5 or 6 last year, but wanted him to “prove it” for an extension.

    Haslam is a complete fool. They publicly trashed Mayfield, and yet were willing to give unprecedented money to Watson. Complete foolishness. Someone else would’ve signed Watson, but I don’t think anyone else was gonna give him an absurd contract.

    It deserves to be said again: Haslam is a complete fool.

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