A pair of Browns players shed light on the Odell Beckham, Baker Mayfield dynamic

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The Browns parted ways with receiver Odell Beckham Jr. months ago. The Browns still have not traded or released quarterback Baker Mayfield.

A pair of Browns defensive players recently addressed both players, and the dynamic that emerged between them in 2021.

“Odell’s gotta be one of the best teammates that I’ve had,” linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah said on the Varsity House podcast.

“He’s probably the best teammate,” cornerback Greg Newsome II added.

Newsome later said this: “The crazy thing, Baker was a great teammate, too.”

At the risk of putting too much stock in conjugation, Newsome said of Mayfield “was” not “is.” Thus, even though Mayfield technically remains a teammate of Newsome’s, the casual choice of words arguably reflects a vibe that, even if Mayfield remains on the roster, he’s no longer truly a teammate.

Regardless, it’s more clear than ever that Cleveland wasn’t big enough for both Baker and OBJ.

“It was just so much, that relationship, those relationships just from the whole entire thing was just off, honestly,” Newsome said. “And yes it was distracting, but I knew like at the end of the day I still had to do my job.”

It’s nevertheless harder to do that job when two of the team’s leaders aren’t seeing eye to eye. It all ended with Beckham being released during the 2021 season. And with Mayfield seemingly destined to never play for the Browns again — even if they may need him in the event of a lengthy Deshaun Watson suspension.

13 responses to “A pair of Browns players shed light on the Odell Beckham, Baker Mayfield dynamic

  1. Neither of these guys seem to be able to contain their egos but Beckham is on his third team while we need to see if Mayfield’s problems follow him to his next.

  2. Clearly both are way overrated and clearly OBJ is a selfish teammate at times.

  3. The Giants chose Pat Shurmer and Dave Gettleman over Odell Beckham. Since then, Shurmer and his replacement were both fired as well as Gettleman, and Odell is a Super Bowl champion.

  4. Wait, what? Players in the two biggest ego / diva driven positions had a personality clash? I’m utterly shocked!

  5. I wonder what they will have to say about Watson in a couple years when in all likelihood he’s out of the league.

  6. The delusional fans think OBJ was the problem though although he was on his way to being the Super Bowl offensive MVP if he didn’t get hurt. Mayfield had a stacked roster and finished third in the division the year they went to the playoffs with a middle of the pack offense. He’s not that good.

  7. They really didn’t shed any light on anything. I respect them for not throwing Baker under the bus, but we didn’t learn anything new.

  8. OBJ was kind thrown under the bus as the main reason Baker struggled in 2019. I don’t think many players liked that especially after OBJ went to LA found success.

  9. If there was a conflict between OBJ and Mayfield, what was the coaching staff doing? It’s not like these guys were in a vacuum. Where was the leadership from Stefanski, et al, to get it resolved?

    I don’t know how OBJ could be a great teammate while at the same time he used his daddy to leverage his way off the team. And the Browns botched that, as well. They should’ve gotten more for him.

    And I get that a lot of people hate Mayfield, but the anti-Baker bias is ridiculous. The haters won’t give him credit for 2020, but all the blame for 2021.

    Also, interesting that the Browns let OBJ go for nothing, but are clinging to Mayfield beyond the point of all logic after publicly trashing him for character issues, but then give Watson all the money. Haslam is such a fool.

  10. The Browns are a bigger train wreck today than they were when both played for the team. I feel sorry for the Cleveland fans, it is hard to be a fan of the Browns these days.

  11. Baker may not be a great player, but he makes good commercials. Maybe that can be his fallback occupation.

  12. OBJ in my opinion dropped passes on purpose so that he would be let go eventually, (which was accomplished) In time, I wouldn’t have thrown him the ball either. But the funny thing is is that Baker never reflected on any of this which tells me more that he wasn’t a self imposed superman like people are trying to make him out to be !!!

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