Brian Griese: ESPN got a bigger fish in Troy Aikman, I get a new opportunity with 49ers

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Brian Griese landed on his feet when he left ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth, becoming the new quarterbacks coach of the 49ers. But he acknowledges that as much as he looks forward to that new opportunity, ESPN also wanted to move on from him.

Griese recognizes that when ESPN was able to attract Troy Aikman as its new analyst, that meant he was out of a job. Fortunately for him, he found a good one.

“I got to a point where I needed a new challenge,” Griese said. “That, coupled with the moment where ESPN decided to go in a different direction — I’m not saying they didn’t — but they got a bigger fish. I understand the dynamics of that. I always knew that that possibility and probably likelihood was out there. But I did get to do it at the highest level for two years, and I loved every minute of it. So I had a decision to make at that point. This opportunity came up, and it was a challenge that I wanted to run towards and not away from. I’m excited about it. I’m rejuvenated by the opportunity to get back in the arena to compete, to win and lose and lead and be part of something bigger than yourself. That’s a real gift.”

Griese had never coached before, but he said he’s all-in on coaching the 49ers’ quarterbacks and has no higher aspirations to try to get a bigger coaching job in the future. After losing his last job, he’s satisfied in his new job.

10 responses to “Brian Griese: ESPN got a bigger fish in Troy Aikman, I get a new opportunity with 49ers

  1. I think he did a competent job, at least he didn’t emote too much to take away from the game so as a viewer I can focus on the plays. Admittedly, his chemistry with Louis Riddick was questionable. I still think the booth should really be a 2 person gig. Three personalities made it unnecessarily awkward. Best of luck to him.

  2. To be a H.S. coach you have to go through a lot of certification courses. Do NFL coaches have to be certified as well?

  3. “Do NFL coaches have to be certified as well?”

    no. just certifiable.

  4. Aikman is the current GOAT in the broadcast booth. It was a no brainer for ESPN, although I have to admit it….I LOVED watching Eli and Peyton! lol

  5. So am I the only person who saw him play QB and cannot believe anyone would want him to coach QBs? Just yikes, man!

  6. I thought Griese was annoying the 1st year. And I recall making comments about his quarterback play when he criticized people. But I was actually surprised and complimented him the 2nd year. I’ll give Shanahan the benefit of the doubt.
    Steve Kerr went straight from TV to being a head coach With a 0 coaching experience.

  7. Wouldn’t be my first pick to coach a guy that the team invested 3 first round picks in and has so little experience even on college but what do I know?

  8. at times his voice and Riddick’s sounded too much alike, obviously they’re not on camera often so it was hard to tell. That Broadcast Crew was very competent, very professional, but obviously Aikman & Buck is an upgrade. I’m not sure they’re a 50 Million upgrade, but def an upgrade

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