Falcons re-introduce red helmets in 2022 to go with throwback uniforms


The Falcons will re-introduce red helmets in 2022 to pair with the team’s 1966 throwback uniforms.

The team will debut the red helmets in a Week 6 home game against the 49ers.

The red helmet, which pays homage to the club’s inaugural squad, features a grey facemask. It has a throwback black Falcon crest logo trimmed in white and a black stripe down the middle of the helmet trimmed in white and gold.

The helmet’s color scheme was designed to represent rival schools Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia. Atlanta wore this version of the helmet from 1966-69 before removing the gold trim for the 1970 season.

The Falcons’ throwback uniforms will feature black jerseys with white numbers, red trim and a white-trimmed Falcon crest on the sleeves. The uniform combination is completed with white pants featuring a red stripe bordered by two black stripes and white and black socks with red and black striping.

The Falcons introduced this uniform combination in 2009 to honor the club’s 1966 inaugural squad.

Atlanta wore the uniform twice per year until 2013 when NFL rules prohibited teams from wearing more than one helmet. In 2016, Atlanta brought back its throwback uniforms, pairing the black jerseys with black helmets that featured a throwback logo.

Last season, the NFL informed teams that they would be permitted to wear a second helmet in 2022. The revised policy allows teams to wear a second, alternate color helmet to pair with throwback, color rush or alternate uniforms.

7 responses to “Falcons re-introduce red helmets in 2022 to go with throwback uniforms

  1. It goes without saying but I will anyway. Make these the full time uni’s. It’s SO obvious how awesome these are.

  2. Crazy that I’m old enough to remember the original version. I think it might be the Falcons best uni.

  3. I knew any secondary helmets would probably just be used for throwback garbage instead of new alternative looks. Enjoy Boomers, this world was made for you!

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