House Oversight Committee requests testimony from Roger Goodell, Daniel Snyder at a June 22 hearing

House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Football Head Injuries
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Congress continues to move forward with its investigation of the Washington Commanders and the NFL.

The House Committee on Oversight & Reform has announced that it will hold a hearing on June 22. The Committee has requested the attendance and testimony of two key individuals: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder.

“The hearing is the next step in the Committee’s months-long investigation into the Commanders’ hostile workplace culture and will also examine the NFL’s handling of allegations of workplace misconduct, the NFL’s role in setting and enforcing standards across the League, and legislative reforms needed to address these issues across the NFL and other workplaces,” the Committee said in a press release.

“Since we launched our investigation in October, the Committee’s goal has been to uncover the truth about the culture of harassment and abuse at the Washington Commanders, to hold accountable those responsible, and to better protect workers across the country,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee, said. “The Committee has worked tirelessly to obtain critical information, including the findings of the internal investigation conducted by attorney Beth Wilkinson, only to be met with obstruction from the Commanders and the NFL at every turn. We must have transparency and accountability, which is why we are calling on Mr. Goodell and Mr. Snyder to answer the questions they have dodged for the last seven months. The hearing will explore how Congress can act to prevent employers from silencing victims of workplace misconduct and ensure that what happened at the Commanders organization does not happen again.”

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, clued the league and the team of stonewalling the process.

“Mr. Snyder and Mr. Goodell need to appear before the Committee to address these issues and answer our questions about the pervasive workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders, and how the NFL addressed these issues,” Rep. Krishnamoorthi said.

The Wilkinson findings continue to be a critical aspect of the case. The league specifically did not want written recommendations from Wilkinson, who investigated the situation for 10 months. Common sense suggests that the league didn’t want written recommendations because it didn’t want to have to act on them — or to find a semi-plausible way to ignore them.

As originally reported by 106.7 The Fan last year and as confirmed by PFT in February, Wilkinson would have recommended that Snyder be required to sell the team. Instead, the league paid Wilkinson and her firm millions of dollars to thoroughly probe the situation and, ultimately, to keep her opinions to herself.

It will be interesting to see whether Goodell and Snyder show up. They should. I’ll be surprised if they do. They know that, while nothing good comes from resisting, even worse would come from full and honest and transparent cooperation.

23 responses to “House Oversight Committee requests testimony from Roger Goodell, Daniel Snyder at a June 22 hearing

  1. Ya can’t make a list of the worst club owners in pro sports that doesn’t include Snyder. The league knows that, the other owners know that, the fans know that and the pro sports reporters know that.

  2. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than these two bozo the clowns showing up.

  3. Has there ever been more issues and scandals under any other commissioner than Roger Goodell? Ray Rice, Deflategate, Bountygate, Spygate, DeShaun Watson, Jon Gruden, Daniel Snyder, and the list goes on. I do not ever remember there being this much bad press for the league under any other league front office

  4. Just tell the committee your not going to show up.
    It works for everyone else.

  5. This Chairwoman sounds pissed Off. Don’t underestimate her…just saying

  6. With gas at $5 per gallon and record inflation I guess congress has nothing better to do.

  7. Congress can’t control the gun lobby. Why would they think they have a chance at
    controlling the NFL?

  8. Seeing that Bozo Goodell can’t even do football interviews without having questions submitted to him beforehand, who really thinks he’ll show up for a sit down with a government committee? Is he going to require that The House Committee on Oversight & Reform submit their questions in advance, so he can decide how he proceeds?

  9. Seems like a complete waste of tax payer money to go after one little firm (>billion) simply for political grand standing and zero ability to do anything except maybe a slap on the wrist. It might be something if they were investigating the NFL as a whole and all the players/NFLPA for corruption and match fixing (especially now with fantasy football).

    Until the DOJ gets involved, which they won’t, this is a committee to completely ignore and definitely those two will not show up they have zero reasons too.

  10. Snyder and Goodell showing up to this event to provide testimony are longer shots than Derby Winner Rich Strike. No way they show and answer questions.

  11. No one is above the law – is the funniest line in history. It is proven time and again that the wealthy and politically connected are light years above the law

  12. Let’s not forget the accusations of accounting irregularities. Maybe Goodell’s other 31 bosses will tell him to show up and burn Snyder.

  13. I see. So, you’re telling me that the US Government didn’t sign the forced arbitration agreement LOL.

    Can’t win em all Rog.

  14. The current majority understands they only have about 6 weeks left before campaign season kicks off.

    Meaning this all gets put on the bench and the new majority will tackle real problems for real people.

  15. Just curiosity, as a former practicing attorney, if they were your client(s) would you recommend that they show up, if they weren’t subpoenaed?

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