John Madden returns to cover of the Madden game

EA Sports

For the first time in more than 20 years, the man for whom the Madden franchise is named will return to the cover of the game.

John Madden, who arguably has influenced the game more than any other person ever has or ever will, lands on the cover of the game named for him. Madden died in late 2021.

The announcement coincides with the release of the very first Madden game, on June 1, 1988.

The game has carried the exclusive NFL and NFL Players Association license for nearly a generation. For many, it was how they first learned about football. Many play the game every day.

Those who play the Madden 23 edition will see John Madden himself every time they fire up the game. And that’s a very good thing. Plenty of young NFL fans don’t know enough about John Madden.

They’ll learn plenty about his in the new version of the game. And they’ll hear from him directly. Yes, Coach Madden’s voice is returning to the game via, according to EA Sports, “remastered audio clips that call back to his legendary days as a broadcaster.”

26 responses to “John Madden returns to cover of the Madden game

  1. The good John Madden: it’s not the offense responsibility to slown down and not score points against a weak defense.
    The bad John Madden: I think the patriots should just try for overtime against the Rams…and then TB12 was born
    RIP either way

  2. I am old enough to remember how great Madden was as a coach. Years ago I worked near Rams Park in Earth City, MO. I remember when the Madden Bus drove by everyone just stopped working to see it. He was a true legend as a coach and as a broadcaster. I miss hearing his voice when watching football. I haven’t played Madden in years but I will be buying Madden 23 to relive my youth of playing Madden and listening to his voice. RIP Coach.

  3. Madden was so involved in making sure that the original game was as close to real football as possible for a video game. Older players may remember this – EA put a cheat code in to honor Madden. With the cheat code a team could get a 4th timeout by “calling Oakland”. The Raiders were in LA at the time and it was a nod to Madden’s time with the Raiders in Oakland.

  4. Still buy it every year and play it all year long. Played a couple games last night. Just the Moments is the way to go. Will buy this one too.

  5. There will never be another like John Madden. Player, Coach, Broadcaster, Video Game Pioneer. And he did all with excellence.

  6. That cover pic is a throwback to the cover of the original John Madden Football on the Apple II and later for MS-DOS and Commdore-64.

  7. All respect to coach Madden, but NFL 2K was sooo much better than EA’s version of football simulation. And EA has been ripping off fans for years with a game that still isn’t as good NFL2K was nearly 20 years ago. They have no competition. They finally did something good bringing Coach back, but make the game better. Is that too much to ask?

  8. So glad that they are bringing back some audio clips.

    “Woah, that guy looks like he got hit by a freight train!”

  9. It’s too bad the game is a glitch filled mess now. EA continues to soil Madden’s legacy with a substandard product, propped up by a bought and paid for monopoly on the license.

  10. So the game as a whole will now be injured for the season. You know, the Madden curse…

  11. Sad that this generation will never play a good football game.

  12. Good I always get confused when I see Brad Johnson or whoever on the cover, he’s not John madden so you understand my confusion about what game I’m playing: madden 99 or Brad Johnson 99?

  13. I’ve been saying this since John passed. This was the only right decision. Good on EA for doing this!

  14. Well I am to the point where I no longer expect anything that will blow me away with this game but it is a good tribute to him.

  15. I started out with tecmo bowl and actually didn’t like playing madden until it was out on Playstation. Loved it ever since. I rarely play it now, but my son loves it and gets the new madden every year. Great game.

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