Keenan Allen: Chargers’ OTAs are amazing, every position has All-Pro talent

USA Today

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen says there’s a special collection of talent on the field at Organized Team Activities.

Allen said he’s the kind of competitor who always goes into a season optimistic about his team winning the Super Bowl, but that this year’s roster looks more loaded than ever.

“Does it look different? Absolutely. Just every position has All-Pro, Super Bowl, superstar talent. You can see it when we practice. It’s amazing,” Allen said.

Still, Allen said he and his teammates aren’t talking about the Super Bowl three months before the season starts.

“No. We don’t talk about it. I think it’s just an understanding of what it looks like. It looks like what it’s supposed to look like. We just have to take care of our business,” Allen said.

Virtually all of the Chargers’ top players have shown up for voluntary OTAs, getting an early start on what Allen hopes will prove to be a special season.

14 responses to “Keenan Allen: Chargers’ OTAs are amazing, every position has All-Pro talent

  1. Expectations are high with the bolts. Anything less than a Super Bowl will be a disappointment.

  2. For the last 12 years the Chargers always win the offseason. Then the season starts and they don’t even make the playoffs. The old saying a broken clock is right twice a day doesn’t even apply to the Chargers. Some how time skips a minute when it comes to the Chargers “broken clock” best team predictions.

  3. So many teams with Super Bowl aspirations in the AFC. The Chargers, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, maybe even the Broncos. The Raiders have aspirations of trying to stay out of last place in the division.

  4. Well, the the Broncos are saying “Super Bowl or bust “
    Who’s being more realistic?

  5. That feels nice coming from an original San Diego Charger. My hometown just wants them to win. They have the important pieces. 2004 was the last time they had it all going under Martyball.

  6. All AFC West teams are incredibly talented, but which team is under the most pressure? Has to be the Broncos and Wilson.

  7. If only their coach would not lose two or more games per year by bad decisions on 4th down…

  8. I feel good about thier talent. Great coach, horrendously bad strategist, makes me hesitate.

  9. We have Super Bowl talent at every position and also we don’t talk about the Super Bowl.

  10. You can have All-Pro players at every position but if your coach gifts other teams a playoff place, it doesn’t matter. And the crazy 4th down calls all year, what was going on there?

  11. Usually the only place you hear this level of unsubstantiated bragging is Philadelphia.

  12. If Staley stops becoming his own opponent the Bolts have as good a chance as any.

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