Mike McDaniel: Mike Gesicki has attacked run blocking with full vigor

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Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki has been much better known for his receiving skill than his blocking skill over the first few years of his career.

But there’s potential for that to change in 2022.

New head coach Mike McDaniel figures to make the Dolphins run game much more effective, given one of his former positions as the 49ers run game coordinator. Though players don’t have on pads at this point, McDaniel noted the effort Gesicki’s made to improve in the run game throughout the offseason program.

“He’s been as impressive as any player on the team in terms of going after a challenge,” McDaniel said, via Alain Poupart of SI.com. “You guys probably could rattle off the stats, but three-point [stance] wasn’t his primary position. And he’s been working diligently in the run and pass game to do things that this offense can feature without taking away the stuff that has made him who he is. And there’s pieces of that in the offense, as we’re always tailoring what we do to the skill set of our players. But he’s really attacked it with a full vigor. He’s really done a great job working on his footwork in the run game and hoping that carries over to pads when that happens.”

Gesicki is currently slated to play under the franchise tag in 2022. He caught a career-high 73 passes for 780 yards with a pair of touchdowns in 2021.

4 responses to “Mike McDaniel: Mike Gesicki has attacked run blocking with full vigor

  1. He’s going to be in Miami this year and he’ll sign elsewhere in 2023. Nice words, but he’s going to need to be an infinitely better blocker to stay here. Oh yeah, and he had 2 TDs last year. Two.

  2. They can spin it anyway they want but it’s a demotion that will hurt his money. When we mention top TEs, they are known for their contribution in the passing game.

  3. McDaniel will be back to holding Shanahans jock strap within three seasons.

  4. All the haters talking about his season last year was more of a product of poor offensive coordinators and game planning as well as the terrible OL play.
    This will be a different season for Miami.

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