Myles Garrett: Baker Mayfield will land on his feet

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Baker Mayfield remains with the Browns, but the quarterback’s future obviously is elsewhere after the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson. Everyone, including the Browns and Mayfield, surely anticipated he already would have a new home, but he doesn’t yet.

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett said whatever happens, Mayfield is going to “land on his feet.”

The Browns made Garrett the No. 1 overall choice in 2017 and Mayfield the No.1 overall selection a year later. In 2020, the Browns won their first playoff game in 26 years, but Mayfield played through a torn labrum in his left shoulder in 2021 and the team took a step back.

That prompted the Browns to seek an upgrade at the position.

Mayfield’s $18.8 million guaranteed salary has held up a trade as the Panthers wanted the Browns to pay most of that. But eventually, Mayfield is going to have a new home.

People come and go, and this is one of those changes,” Garrett said of Mayfield, via Jake Trotter of ESPN. “I hope the best for him. I hope he moves on and he does well for himself. . . . He’s played well when he’s healthy. When he’s healthy, he can do some pretty good things for a team. Just has to find his niche again. I think he has to prove himself, has to get healthy.”

23 responses to “Myles Garrett: Baker Mayfield will land on his feet

  1. Baker Mayfield will land on his feet……as the starting QB of the Cleveland Browns when Predator Watson is suspended for life.

  2. Whoever gets Baker will get a fired up QB with a serious chip on his shoulder.

  3. Obviously? It’s certainly not obvious that Watson will be playing anywhere next year.

  4. I guess Mayfield hurt himself by playing hurt?!

    Gotta know when to fold them young man. Live to play another day. Team loyalty has its limitations.

  5. There’s 18.8 million reasons he hasn’t moved on. We all know that. I think Myles sums it up best, when Mayfield is healthy he’s “pretty good”. That’s not worth $18.8m.

  6. Mayfield will not be cut or traded untill after the Browns know Watson ststus for the year. Crazy to expose themselves to not having any QB at all!

  7. Could Big Bake end up starting the season at QB for the Browns? With stragglers still trickling in to get a chunk of that signing bonus money (#23 came fwd yesteday), Goodell might show some teeth and put the bite on D. Watson for the year. Where will things stand then? Stranger stuff has happened. Poor Browns fans man. Even the good news comes with a caveat or “but” thrown in.

  8. all i hear from the experts .is that Bakera top 25 QB !! been on the market for a while and could be had for a cheap price.. so why no takers ???

  9. I think the Browns are going to “sit” on Mayfield until some team is in real need for a QB and will pick up most, if not all, of his salary. They will pay him the entire year to sit out if they have to.

  10. And when Baker ends up in another NFL city, Myles will be sure to rip off his helmet, when the Browns play that team.

  11. 1/4 of NFL teams have gone for a change at starting QB this offseason – and none of them saw Mayfield as an upgrade. That tells us how far his stock has fallen.

  12. Baker will land on his feet…in Cleveland…this year…as it’s starting quarterback…while the $230M “adult” is either out on suspension or on the commissioner’s exempt list.

    He will play well (if he doesn’t get injured) this year and will land on his feet next year in a new city playing under a very lucrative contract.

  13. Some have said Mayfield’s $18-29 meg guarantee is the obstacle. I would point out that is only about HALF of what starting QB’s are now getting on their second contracts. Clearly the obstacle is that no team is ready or willing to commit to him as their stater or future QB.

  14. henrythehorse says:
    June 2, 2022 at 5:17 am

    all i hear from the experts .is that Bakera top 25 QB !! been on the market for a while and could be had for a cheap price.. so why no takers ???
    Because Mayfield is guaranteed $18.8 million this upcoming season. Any new team is going to want Cleveland to pay that money or most of it. So he can’t be had for a cheap price as you said. I personally think paying $18.8 millions is cheap for a starting QB especially since the going rate is $40 million plus for star QBs.

  15. Playing hurt was bad for Baker. Especially when their coach refused to feed chubb against a bad rush-defense team.

  16. I think the real reason Baker is still with the Browns is the fact he is only under contract for 1 more season. I think teams are gun shy paying a guy 18 million who could walk at the end of the year. If he had 2-3 years left on his contract it might be another story.

  17. Baker has always played with a chip on his shoulder thru out his career in college and the pros. He’s just gonna be playing with a bigger chip and be fired up where ever he lands.

  18. henrythehorse says:
    June 2, 2022 at 5:17 am
    all i hear from the experts .is that Bakera top 25 QB !! been on the market for a while and could be had for a cheap price.. so why no takers ???

    We all know why Baker hasn’t found a team. Right or wrong, the perception is that Baker has a big ego and doesn’t necessarily play well with others in the sandbox (Odell). No one really questions his raw talent or his toughness. The best move for Baker is to play well for the Browns during Watson’s suspension, be humble and work hard. The bad perception would be changed and Baker would then set himself up for a huge next contract.

  19. Baker will never be a full-time starter anywhere again, just like all the other ex Cleveland qb’s of the last 20 years or so. If you can’t keep the qb job in CLE, a place that has been DESPERATE for ‘the guy’ for a loooong time now, it means you just aren’t good enough or are just not worth the hassle due to behind the scenes stuff, like Manziel, etc. True Browns fans know all of this.

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