NFL will respond to request for Roger Goodell testimony “in a timely manner”

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The NFL hasn’t said yes, but it hasn’t said no.

In response to the request from the U.S. House Oversight & Reform Committee for testimony on June 22 from Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy provided this comment to PFT via email on Wednesday: “We received the Committee’s invitation this morning and will respond directly in a timely manner. The NFL has cooperated extensively throughout the Committee’s lengthy investigation of the Washington Commanders, including by producing more than 460,000 pages of documents and responding to numerous questions in writing and in conversations with the Committee’s staff.”

The NFL had hoped, frankly, to avoid having the investigation into the Washington Commanders become a full-blown hearing. The hearing is happening, whether Goodell shows up or not.

The Committee also invited Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to testify. The team had no comment in response to a request via text message.

10 responses to “NFL will respond to request for Roger Goodell testimony “in a timely manner”

  1. What unit of time is “a timely manner”? Hours? Days? Weeks? Is it subjective to the person so it could be years?

  2. Folks. They have zero power or legal right to force anyone to appear. Unless the DOJ is involved (which they won’t be), the committee can’t do squat.It amazes me people do not know how their own government works. Goodell should tell them to stick it.

  3. I’m glad that there is nothing important enough already going on in this country or the world that allows Congress the leisure to investigate the internal affairs of a football team!

  4. Usually Congress’ answer is slap on wrist and gift $50 million in the next stimulus.

  5. Congress can subpoena them but then if they don’t show is find them in contempt of congress but to be honest ifind our congress pretty contemptible myself

  6. I am sorry, but the NFL is just playing shady tricks.
    They get away with anything just because of its popularity (money power) and connections

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