Tim Patrick: It’s Super Bowl or bust this year

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It’s early June and OTAs are in full swing, which means it’s time for players to make grand statements about the possibilities of the upcoming season.

Broncos receiver Tim Patrick obliged on Wednesday when talking about the team’s raised expectations now that Russell Wilson is its quarterback.

“He’s a big presence and he carries himself the right way,” Patrick said. “If you see Russ doing it and you’re not — if you can’t put in extra work, you’re not serious about winning and you don’t belong on this team.”

To that end, Patrick said the Broncos have a lot of meetings, many of which are led by the players themselves.

“It helps because, like you guys know, the offense is difficult. And just the regular routine practice is not going to be enough for us to get it down pat,” Patrick said. “So, we have to do things on our own so we can get it because we don’t want to be one of those teams to make excuses — new coach, new quarterback, new offense, and we don’t get going until the end of the year.

“We want to come out the gate firing on all cylinders because it’s Super Bowl or bust this year.”

There you have it.

But really, what team shouldn’t have that attitude in early June? Everyone is 0-0. Hope gets to spring eternal. And frankly, the Broncos didn’t trade for Russell Wilson to miss the postseason.

We’ll see if Denver can meet that high bar once the games start to count in September.

24 responses to “Tim Patrick: It’s Super Bowl or bust this year

  1. Cap hell riding high with future drafts destroyed and holes all ove the roster.

    Should be fun watching the AFC West teams all be delusional at once.

  2. because it’s Super Bowl or bust this year.”

    There you have it.

    But really, what team shouldn’t have that attitude in early June? Everyone is 0-0.

    A lot of teams shouldnt have the “super bowl or bust” mentality because that plainly says that anything less than a super bowl would be a failure and that would be a horrible, HORRIBLE way to go about the season for teams like the Texans and Falcons among others.

  3. lol, Super Bowl. What’d RW do with the better wide outs he had in Seattle? This team won’t even make the playoffs. 4th place in the division behind KC, LV, LAC.

  4. They aren’t even making the playoffs…3rd or 4th best team in their division.

  5. Coming from a Broncos fan. Please prove it on the field before you make claims like that. We’ve been royally embarrassed since Manning has left. The Chiefs have beat us 13 times in a row. How about we beat them at least once and then go from there before throwing around SB claims sparky?

  6. The Broncos are the laughing stock of the AFC West. Russel Wilson doesn’t have what it takes to leaf a playoff team anymore

  7. What does Patrick know about super bowl, he hasn’t even been to the playoffs? Shame he doesn’t realize Russell is only their to bilk as much money from that franchise as he can.

  8. Didn’t the Broncos have zero Pro Bowlers last year and finish 7-10? But I guess they are Super Bowl bound now, apparently.

  9. Won’t even sniff a Superbowl and Russ will start his passive aggressive behaviour next year for a massive new contract that will cripple the team, Broncos will be good this year but after that, forget it

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