Alex Mack takes pay cut with retirement decision looming

The Rams play the 49ers in the NFC Championships.
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Signs this offseason have pointed to 49ers center Alex Mack retiring, but there’s been no announcement from him about his plans at this point.

Thursday brought another development that suggests that announcement will be coming sooner rather than later. Field Yates of ESPN reports that Mack has agreed to reduce his base salaries in each of the next two seasons.

Mack’s base salary for this season drops from $5 million to $1.12 million. It goes from $3.35 million to $1.165 million next year.

The move creates cap space for the 49ers now and that could be put toward a move to secure Mack’s potential replacement. Former Browns center JC Tretter is the top available free agent at the position, but the 49ers could also look for a trade when and if Mack announces he’s done playing football.

5 responses to “Alex Mack takes pay cut with retirement decision looming

  1. So you mean to tell me that Mack didn’t work out a deal to help cap space for niners knowing he is retiring and getting compensated off the books by ownership??? Come on man.. clear as day

  2. This doesn’t look like blatant rule-breaking at all to me skcusoirolf. Mack’s PFF grade dropped to 70 last year, and his body is near the end. He has $2.5M of signing bonus still allocated to the next two seasons. The 9ers can go after that money if he retires, but don’t have to do that at all. Did they agree not to pursue signing bonus reimbursement while he agreed to cut his salary? Probably. If they did it’s 100% within the rules.

  3. I’m not saying any rules are being broken, my point is he can force them to cut him and they would owe him the full instead maybe he said, he restructure my deal, I will retire and cut me a check out of another business venture the owners are involved with and in the end niners save cap space..
    Are you saying that isn’t plausible??

  4. Yeah, we’re saying that’s really stupid for the 49ers to risk that for 4 mil in cap space.

  5. skcusoirolf

    He gets the same $ as before as far as I can tell. If he retires, he is required to payback guaranteed money for years not accrued. Which according to Spottrac is roughly 2.4M. He won’t earn his base salary or roster bonus etc due to being retired. This way he keeps his signing bonus and it lowers the cap for the Niners at no cost to him. He earned about 3M last year including year 1 of his signing bonus + base salary. So this effectively makes it a 5M 1 year deal. He signed for 3 years 14.8M. So in essence it was done to lower his cap # for 2021 from 5M to 3M. With the remaining 2M spread out over ’22 and ’23. So yes to Mack knowing he would retire and working out a deal to help with cap space. But the whole getting compensated off the books part is not even necessary. He played the majority of his 13 year career under Kyle. It’s entirely plausible the plan was for him to play a single year, and the Niners constructed a contract to pay him 5M while fitting it under the cap in ’21 when they didn’t have the cap space to pay him that amount.

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