Alex Mack to retire

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Earlier on Thursday, word emerged that 49ers center Alex Mack would take a pay cut — a sign that the veteran would soon choose whether or not to retire.

Now we know that decision has been made.

Per Mike Silver of Bally Sports, Mack will retire after 13 seasons in the league.

Mack began his career with the Browns as the 21st overall pick of the 2009 draft. He played seven seasons for Cleveland, starting 101 contests.

Mack played under now-49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan with the Browns in 2014 and reunited with him with the Falcons in 2016. Mack started 78 games in five seasons for Atlanta before signing with the 49ers to once again reunite with Shanahan last year.

Mack ends his carer as a seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time second-team All-Pro. He started all 17 games and made the Pro Bowl for San Francisco last year.

The 49ers now have a vacancy at center. JC Tretter is the top available free agent at the position, as he was released by the Browns in March. Jake Brendel, Daniel Brunskill, and Keaton Sutherland are regarded as internal candidates for the role.

11 responses to “Alex Mack to retire

  1. June!!! What a great time to let SF know you’re retiring, after both FA and the draft has passed and all that’s left on the market is guys no one really wants as starters lol!!
    With Laken Tomlinson gone, no good guards on the roster w/ Banks now starting who’s horrible esp in pass pro, a major hole in the middle at center and a human turnstile at RT in McGlinchey that offense is going to be the definition of terrible in 2022. Not ideal for a first year starter at QB, he’s going to be getting hit a lot which is a major problem considering Trey Lance was on IR after one start n hurt a lot last year. Being under constant pressure is a good way to ensure your young QB fails and becomes a bust though Lance was already well on his way to becoming a bust

  2. Wait a second, they wanted him to take a pay cut? Nice way to get him back. Jed is a cheapskate through and through.

  3. Update: Did the team ask him to take the paycut to open cap space or did he request it? If it was the team, then Jed’s back on the hook. If he was vacillating, asking him to take a paycut wasn’t the smartest move was it?

  4. Potential Hall of Fame career. I remember when Eric Mangini and the Browns were ripped by the media know it alls for trading back and letting the Jets draft Sanchez. 13 years later I think Mangini was finally proven right. Happy retirement! You earned it.

  5. Jc tretter. Lol. He’s done. Always hurt. Always limping. Mack on one leg was better

  6. He was always gonna retire. Class Act and loyalty to Kyle to wait and retire post June 1st for cap reasons. The salary pay cut today before the announcement was also a move to spread the dead cap money into two seasons. Happy Retirement Alex.

  7. I would take Trey Lance and a sus oline over Geno Smith or Drew Lock behind a brick wall. Go Niners

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