DeMeco Ryans: Trey Lance has “done a great job” in offseason program

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It’s not known how good 49ers quarterback Trey Lance will be. It is known that there’s only one way to find out — let him play and grow and develop.

With veteran Jimmy Garoppolo absent from the offseason program as he rehabs a surgically-repaired shoulder, Lance has been able to settle in as the top quarterback. Meeting with reporters on Wednesday, defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans praised Lance’s performance.

“I think Trey has done a great job,” Ryans said. “Yeah, it is good to see him with his command and him running the offense and he’s zipping it past us a lot. He’s making it tough on us. Trey has done a great job. It’s good to see him just coming into his own role as a leader and being able to take control of the team. We’re fired up for Trey and what he can do for us.”

It’s good that he’s “slinging it past” the defense. One concern regarding Lance, however, is that he slings it at one speed — fast. Simms mentioned several times last year that Lance needs to learn, among other things, how to incorporate more throws than a fastball into his arsenal. Different situations call for different degrees of speed and different delivery and arrival angles. Some throws require a little more touch, a little more careful placement.

Again, it takes work. Lance needs that work in practice and ultimately in games in order to get to where he needs to be. Looming over those opportunities is the lingering presence of Garoppolo on the roster. The sooner they find a way to move on from Garoppolo, the better for Lance’s development. And for the team’s cap situation. And for Garoppolo’s ability to get settled in with a new team.

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  1. Oddly, this is the same thing that the Great Gimmick in Washington was said to do for three off seasons. Yet, when the regular season started, he was exposed as a run only, slow-witted, unprepared clown.

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