Derek Carr and Davante Adams had been trying to get Adams to Raiders for five years

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
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The brother of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr presumably knows a thing or two about the dynamics in Las Vegas. So when David Carr says something about the Raiders, it makes sense to listen.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Rich Eisen Show, David Carr said that the trade that brought Packers receiver Davante Adams to the Raiders was several years in the making.

“It’s something they’ve tried to make happen for five years now, since Davante signed his contract extension several years ago with the Packers,” Carr told Eisen. “Derek was pushing to get him there. . . . A couple years ago they were really close to making that happen.”

This makes it even more surprising that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t know Adams would be leaving. It calls into question the kind of relationship that Rodgers and Adams actually had during eight years together in Green Bay.

David Carr added that Derek and Davante have been “best friends,” and that their “unique bond” dates back to Davante’s recruiting trip to Fresno State.

Maybe Rodgers simply didn’t know about any of it. Or maybe thought that, even with that friendship, Adams would never choose Derek Carr over Rodgers.

Regardless, Davante is gone from Green Bay — and he’s finally where he wants to be.

45 responses to “Derek Carr and Davante Adams had been trying to get Adams to Raiders for five years

  1. Another way of saying it is Adams has been trying to get out of Green Bay for the past 5 years. And yet still another way of saying it is Adams never like being in Green Bay in the first place. Okland, Las Vegas…no matter…anywhere else.

  2. James, Nelson, Cobb, Jennings all have one thing in common. They never had a better year after leaving GB and Rodgers. Soon you can add Adams and MVS to that list.

  3. Khalil Mack, Rodney Hudson, Davante Adams… I’ve seen them all described as Carr’s “best friend,” maybe even more. Carr will make a great analyst when he retires- whoever is the current subject is just the greatest ever.

  4. Davante wanted to go to the raiders so bad he signed an extension with the Packers in 2017…. ? This guy rides his brother’s coat tail too hard

  5. Well GB got plenty of production from Adams and got back the pick they spent to draft him (#53) with an extra 1st round pick to top it off. I’d say GB fared pretty well with that imvestment.

  6. Maybe Rodgers didn’t care because it’s all about him. Plus with Adams gone there’s more money the Pack can waste on a one-man band.

    Rodgers is one of the best best to play the game but he can’t carry the team when the weight of his self-worth is so heavy.

  7. It will be shocking if Adams’ receiving numbers approach anywhere near what he was getting in GB. Carr may be his buddy, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers.

  8. I can see how Rodgers is respected as a player but not liked or looked up too as a person .

  9. Kinda makes you think those non-tampering rules are a little weak. Also makes me think the key to a great receiver might be the Quarterback.

  10. “Tampering?” Tampering only applies to management and coaches and team employees. Players can tamper as much as they like and not be punished for it.

  11. Really Wireman, how well do you know AR? Have you spoken with him lately, you know, so you know what is in his head lately, and it sure could be tampering.

  12. Have fun in LV Davante. Thank you for your best years as a player in Titletown. According to US News last month Green Bay was the 3rd best city to live in, in the US. So not going to find much better for the family life.

  13. Just confirms what Iv said for years. Aaron is the most arrogant disconnected jerk on pro sports.

  14. buclive45 says:

    June 2, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    It’s always amusing that every single story like this there is someone shouting tampering when they have no idea what the word means 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  15. Another way of saying it is Adams is his own person and doesn’t need Rodgers as a confidante to validate himself. And yet still another way of saying it is; it isn’t always about the money for some players. That is uncommonly refreshing. It’s the player, not the place.

  16. Rodgers have never been a great leader for the team based on past articles. It is hard to work with someone who have to play up to his ego.

  17. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to play pro ball with their best friend? But it does make ya wonder why he signed the extension?

  18. May sound weird coming from a Viking fan, but that decision makes about as much “on field” sense as choosing a Pinto over a Corvette.

  19. “James, Nelson, Cobb, Jennings all have one thing in common. They never had a better year after leaving GB and Rodgers.”

    THey all had something else in common…..they were all on the downsides of their careers when they left…..and most were just cut. Devante is young and near the peak of his career. I predict that he and Carr will have a great year….and Rodgers won’t.

  20. Its Rodgers fault Adams wanted to play elsewhere with his college buddy.

    .. I think he is responsible for the price of gas and the baby formula shortage as well.

  21. It’s never surprising when Rodgers doesn’t know something about what’s going on around him. The dude’s totally up in his own head most of the time.

  22. Davante’s relationship with Rodgers is the same as everyone else. Bite your lip and pretend he’s your friend, constantly praise him to his face and tell the media he’s the greatest you’ve ever played with. Because if you don’t he’ll never throw the ball to you and he’ll try to get you off the team.

  23. And he’ll never be as productive again. Due to his huge contract, he’ll be cut in two years.

  24. THey all had something else in common…..they were all on the downsides of their careers when they left…..and most were just cut. Devante is young and near the peak of his career. I predict that he and Carr will have a great year….and Rodgers won’t.

    Adams is 29. 30 before next season ends. Are we really going to call that ‘young’?

    .. coincidentally, the same age as Jennings when he left for the Vikings.

  25. Guys who are close in college get separated in the pros all the time. And then they go places where they have good working relationships with their fellow players.

    The idea that everyone who works together has to be best friends and that any future is predictable in a contract-based setting are both nonsensical and manufactured.

  26. Packers have 13 championships, including 4 super bowls. Rodgers has 4 mvp awards

  27. I guess Davante Adams has no interest in being a number one WR anymore….

    This was the biggest bonehead trade since the Mack trade, only in reverse.

    Raiders will be 3-14 in that division.

  28. All the pressue is on Derek Carr now to make this relationship work immediately given Davante Adams is already a made man. This could be another Baker/OBJ situation all over again and Josh McDaniels will move on from both.

  29. This is great! No more high price tag and Aaron already has new WR that will be better than Adams in Vegas by week 4. The Raiders will be lucky to have 5 wins this season!

  30. When Carr gets benched after week 3, Davante Adams will be on the IR with hamstring injuries looking for a trade off that disaster in the desert!

  31. Im gonna love when they end up 3-14 this year. The Raiders a re a terrible franchise and have been for the last 30 years

  32. Grabbing Adams set the Raiders back another 3-5 years. No draft picks and a high price WR with no QB. This after relocating to a city that hates the Raiders. Great move Raiders!

  33. It’s gonna be interesting to watch Rodgers and Carr and their respective QB ratings this upcoming season.

    Will Rodgers numbers drop? Will Carr’s numbers rise? Because if they do we can assume that those changes had a lot to do with Adams. And that kind of impact can justify the recent WR contract explosion.

    But if those numbers do NOT change that way, or worse – Rodgers’s number RISE and Carr’s DROPS, then we have all the info we need to label these recent WR contracts as folly.

  34. David Carr is nothing but a Raiders homer on the NFL network. Adams is overrated too. When he came into the league he was awful. Rodgers has made a bunch of mediocre receivers a lot of money and Adams is just another player to put on that list.

  35. I look at it this way,… this gives Aaron more motivation to show everyone he can survive and thrive without Davante. Actually the Packers went 6 – 0 when Adams was out with injuries. Great player, Good person. I wish him well.

  36. I wish folks had actually watched the press conference when it first happened. Davante wants to play in front of his family, who live near me in East Palo Alto, I live in Belmont. Its a much easier time to get to Vegas than Green Bay. He wants his grandparents to watch him play, what is wrong with that. An added bonus is he gets to play with his best friend and get paid well. What’s not to like… well Vegas heat in the summer, so buy a vacation home for the family while you train and then off season, its pretty nice in Vegas…

  37. @ belmontraider56,….
    Nobody in GB is dissing Adams for wanting to play for the Raiders, his hometown team. I suppose there’s a few knuckleheads that like to post nastygrams. In fact most of us here are happy for the kid. Not every player gets that chance. I’ve met him before while having breakfast at a local greasy spoon. He’s a very nice young man,… surprisingly approachable.
    And GB came out of the deal in good shape too. Will we miss Davante ? Heck ya. But I’ll hope he does well too. Just not against the Pack.

  38. Hmmmm… Interesting, and this from David Carr. If Adams REALLY wanted to go the Raiders 5 years ago so be it, he didn’t and he had a hell of a 5 years in GB. The Packers got the BEST years out of Adams and now IMO are going to be a better team without him. Adams is turning 30 and hey, he may be one of those 1 in a 10000 WR’s who play great into their 30’s.

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