Eric Bieniemy on HC jobs: No pity, I’ll keep knocking because I know who I am

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Another head coaching cycle passed without Eric Bieneimy landing a head coaching job and the Chiefs offensive coordinator reflected on the process from the team’s OTAs on Thursday.

Bieniemy’s predecessors in his current job moved on to head coaching positions and he has interviewed with a number of teams during the Chiefs’ recent run of success. His failure to get hired has been cited often in criticisms of the league’s diversity because Bieniemy is Black.

On Thursday, Bieniemy said that he’s “not seeking any comfort” and that he’ll continue working to improve as a coach “because if you’re not evolving you become like the dinosaurs and you’re extinct.” He also said that he’ll continue knocking on the door in order to get the job he’s wanted for many years.

“In reality it’s tough,” Bieniemy said, via Adam Teicher of “But I don’t let that keep me from doing what I do. I’m still alive, I’m breathing and I have an opportunity to work for a championship team. That’s the beauty of it. I don’t want any pity. This is who I am. I’m going to keep pushing, keep knocking because when it’s all said and done with, I know who I am and I am comfortable with the person I’m striving to be.”

Bieniemy took part in the NFL’s recent minority accelerator program designed to get minority coaches and personnel executives networking time with those who make hiring decisions for other organizations. Bieniemy said he thought the program was “outstanding” and “breaks down barriers” that have existed between those groups in the past.

It will be some time before we learn if that opportunity leads to a head coaching job, but continued success with the Chiefs offense after the Tyreek Hill trade would be another good point to emphasize the next time he interviews for a job.

21 responses to “Eric Bieniemy on HC jobs: No pity, I’ll keep knocking because I know who I am

  1. He will never get a job because he stinks. He doesn’t even call the plays for the Chiefs

  2. Yes, you know who you are: the product of Mahomes and an all-pro at TE and WR.

  3. There are alot of assistant coaches who could look good when Mahomes is the QB and Andy Reid is the head coach. Kind of like when Brady was the QB of the Patriots and Belechick the head coach. No one has been raving about Josh McDaniels being an offensive genius the last couple of years.

  4. No disrespect intended towards Eric Bieniemy but a person’s past does matter as to their future. This is in no way a race issue.

  5. Maybe Eric Bieniemy and Duce Staley can commiserate. They both deserve head coaching jobs.

  6. I feel it comes down to who’s calling the plays. I’m not doubting that he’s working but if he’s not calling the plays and clearly not wowing at the interviews, then why would he be signed as a HC? In reality, it’s “Worked under Andy Reid”.

  7. I really don’t k own if he is a good coach or not. I never see him coach and he does not call plays. Seems like his situation is the issue. Maybe move to another team to get out from under Reid’s wings.

  8. If he’s not calling the plays can we stop calling him an “offensive coordinator”?

  9. Maybe the teams simply think he’s not the right candidate for them. He’s right that he still has a job and can always improve further.

  10. supercharger says:
    June 2, 2022 at 6:54 pm
    He should be thankful. He could be out of the league like Nagy.


    Nagy is back at KC as a senoir QB assistant.

  11. Calling plays? Matt Nagy called all of the second half plays and lost an 18 point lead to Tennessee in a playoff game. But months later, he got a head coach job. I guess the moral is call plays even if you are horrible at it.

  12. Is it too hard to believe that this guy may just not be HC material????

  13. 1957 song Keep a knockin’, but you can’t come in.

    seriously though Im a Broncos fan .. I’m also a CU Buffalo fan, and remember he and Vance Joseph playing. so I’m automatically a Bieniemy fan, so I wish them both well !

  14. He doesn’t have a HC job because Andy Reid’s OC mostly fail away from him as head coaches. Doug Pederson was the lone exception, won a SB but was fired because of his offense, aka the Reid system, got him fired. He called 100% of the plays and playcalling became a big problem, he refused to hire a legit OC. Matt Nagy, Brad Childress and Pat Shurmur…all bad HC, all fired and did a poor job running Reid’s system elsewhere. Ried rarely lets his OC call plays. Has been that way since Reid became a head coach. They are running his system. One OC leaves, he promotes within. Had Matt Nagy never left for Chicago, Eric would’ve never been a OC. I think the best thing for him would to possibly coach in college or be a OC elsewhere, away from Reid. The best HC from Reid’s system have actually been his former special teams or defensive coaches. Lets also not forget that since 1999, Andy Reid has managed just 1 Super Bowl win. His former coaches, Pederson and Harbaugh, have 2. Still a far more successful coaching tree than Belichick’s coaching tree but I doubt you see teams going after Reid’s OC anymore.

  15. No other team wants him and KC is stuck with him and he would be awful as an announcer or commentator

  16. when his cintract came up in kc, they only extended him for one year.
    looks to me like kc would rather get 2 picks for bieniemy then keep him long term. if the chiefs don’t seem to want him, why would anyone else

  17. THey know who you are too thats why you’re not getting hired. Time to move on and be thankful you have a job

  18. Romeo Crennel was a great coordinator…but a terrible HC. There are many more. Just do what you are good at.

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