John Lynch: Deebo Samuel will be a part of the 49ers this year

Event Name: NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Though OTAs are underway and Deebo Samuel has stayed away from the voluntary sessions, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan recently reiterated his confidence that the team will be able to work things out with its key offensive weapon.

Now we can say the same about General Manager John Lynch.

Lynch was a part of a “state of the team” discussion with Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt of NBC Sports Bay Area at the Dwight Clark Legacy Series on Monday, and Maiocco asked if Samuel would remain a member of the 49ers in 2022.

“Well, we haven’t traded him. And I’ve used the word ‘fool’ — I’d be a fool to trade him — so no,”  Lynch said, via “And so, yes — he’ll be a part of the 49ers this year.”

Lynch’s line drew significant applause from the fans in attendance at the event.

Samuel is currently slated to make $3.986 million in base salary for the upcoming season, the last year of his rookie deal.

Samuel was a vital part of San Francisco’s offensive success last season, recording 1,770 yards from scrimmage — 1,405 receiving, 365 rushing — and 14 total touchdowns. With Trey Lance expected to become the 49ers starting QB, retaining Samuel could be a critical piece of Lance’s development.

14 responses to “John Lynch: Deebo Samuel will be a part of the 49ers this year

  1. I just hope Deebo doesn’t turn into Deebo the diva. He’s my favorite player on the team but this is starting to look like the typical star WR nonsense we get once a guy becomes the focus. Why is it always the WR’s?

  2. That’s funny, Lynch. When I think of the way you’ve handled this situation — as well as the way you’ve handled the transition from Jimmy G., “Fool” is exactly the word that comes to mind.

  3. 53 of his 59 carries came over the final 8 weeks of the season. He’s right to worry about the 49ers running him into the ground while he’s significantly underpaid.

  4. Lynch doesn’t have final say on the Niners roster. Kyle does. Lynch is simply a mouthpiece

  5. bbb82 – When was the last time Green Bay beat the 49ers in the playoffs?

    Deebo wants to actually win. He isn’t going to Green Bay.

  6. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have done an excellent job.

    John Lynch constructed a brilliant front office and exceptional roster which Kyle Shanahan and his staff have coached up into championship contender. All you can do as a fan is ask your team to contend for championships, only one team can win the Super bowl. I dont count the pandemic season, so it’s impressive that we have been able to contend for championships the last two FULL seasons without an elite QB,

    My only gripe with them is that they don’t make the one big play acquisition to get them over the top,
    Bill Walsh won championships because he was able to acquire the Fred Deans, Wendall Tylers, Hacksaw Reynolds, etc. to get his teams over the top. With us needing a 1 Technique that can draw double teams I am pretty sure that Walsh would go after Suh. Suh is awesome as s one technique in a wide 9 alignment.

    But I’m pretty sure that Deebo will be back.Im just glad he stopped negotiating through the media and IG.

  7. When the guy who reached on Solomon Thomas and Ruben Foster talks, does anybody listen? Lynch has been terrible and always seems to get a free pass.

  8. That’s right John you certainly are no fool. I mean only a fool would turn down Tom Brady as his quarterback right John ? Only a fool would pay their best offensive player less than their kicker right John only a fool which trade 3 1st round draft picks for a guy that didn’t play his last year in college and oh by the way Try to trade his injured quarterback that makes $28,000,000. Sure we sure are glad you’re not a fool John oh and almost forgot which team is it that is dead last in the salary cap

  9. @ Yolo2020 -Lynch probably doesn’t suck as bad as the guy who took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan 🙂

  10. $4m, cut in half with taxes and more with agent fees for Deebo is robbery. 5 year rookie deals are so bad for the player. There should be NFLPA negotiations for performance-based escalators in these contracts.

    Should every rookie make market wages? Of course not.

    Should some? Absolutely.

    The fact Deebo wasn’t extended is terrible. Get a deal done or this dude is walking. Maybe that’s his plan anyway after shutting down his unhappy media blitz.

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