Micah Parsons: Sorry to tell DeMarcus Lawrence he’s never getting sack lead back


Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence said recently that he plans to “restate my dominance” during the 2022 season and “become the sack leader” for the Cowboys again after Micah Parsons led the team with 13 during the 2021 season.

That was Parsons’ rookie campaign and the 2021 first-round pick has no plans to let his older teammate return to the top of the heap this time around. Parsons said that the two men can have a “race to the quarterback,” but that he has designs on doing what it takes to remain the No. 1 in Dallas.

“I’m sorry to tell him he’s never getting that back . . . He can be a 10-sack guy. Great. But if 10’s the number, I’m going for 20,” Parsons said, via Jori Epstein of USA Today.

Whether Lawrence or Parsons is the guy leading the charge, the Cowboys would be delighted to have 30 or more sacks between the two of them as they try to repeat as division champs in the NFC East.

4 responses to “Micah Parsons: Sorry to tell DeMarcus Lawrence he’s never getting sack lead back

  1. Oh this is turning out great. Two guys on the same team going after one another and neither talking about team goals.
    I’d bet on Parsons winning this challenge. Lawrence hasn’t been any good for quite a while.

  2. Love the sense of competition. Tank and Parsons are going to feast this year.

  3. “Tank” has not feasted in 4 years. He’s mostly a golf cart.
    Cowboys are hoping and praying that he’ll magically be better and Fowler, who’s only good year was playing next to Aaron Donald, will suddenly come alive.
    Then they’re hoping the rookie pans out.
    Parsons is the only real deal.

  4. Nothing like 2 members of a team going nowhere roasting each other. The Cowboys won’t win a SB with Dak at the helm or Jerruh pulling strings.

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