Mike McDaniel says Tua Tagovailoa’s teammates have no concerns about his arm strength

USA Today

The offseason discourse about Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa‘s arm strength continued today, with Tagovailoa himself weighing in, and then Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel saying the people who understand the Dolphins’ offense have no concerns.

McDaniel said Tagovailoa’s teammates know that his ability to read the defense and understand when to throw the ball so that his receivers will be open deep when the ball arrives is more important than how far he can throw a football.

“That’s why you hear no cause for concern from the players, because they know that too. He’s plenty fast, and the great thing is he sees the field. He’s not throwing the ball 85 yards, but I don’t see the practical application of an 85-yard throw unless you have the best offensive line in the history of football,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said Tagovailoa threw a ball in practice today that went about 55 yards, and McDaniel thinks that’s enough arm strength.

11 responses to “Mike McDaniel says Tua Tagovailoa’s teammates have no concerns about his arm strength

  1. He will need a decent arm strength to play in Foxborough, Buffalo or New Jersey in December and January. This is a bad weather division for the most part.

  2. Yeah, and having the best Oline hasn’t been a feature of the Dolphins lately.

  3. It not about arm strength. It’s about accuracy. Period. Plenty of guys with “average” arm strength have had really good careers in the NFL because they had accuracy. Matt Hasselbeck comes to mind. On the other hand there’s also been guys with rocket arms that can hit the side of a barn standing still. Jamarcus Russell comes to mind.

  4. Hell, I can throw a football 55 yards, but I can’t throw the requisite rope on an 18-yard slant to the sideline in a tight window. That’s arm strength, the kind of arm strength routinely shown by the likes of Josh Allen, Matthew Stafford and Patrick Mahomes.

    If Tua has it, more power to him.

    Also worth noting: Arm strength needs to be as good in December and January as it is in September.

  5. He is stuck with him for now. I’m not sure announcing your would be starter doesn’t have an NFL arm probably wouldn’t be the brightest idea.

  6. It’s going to be hilarious when he tries to prove it early in the season and throws a bunch of shortball INTs.

  7. So they are going to run the JG dink and dunk offense? Makes sense when your QB is weak armed. None of it matters. He will be hurt before the season is over.

  8. Tua is a natural righty forced to be a lefty. His whole game is messy. Second worst QB decision ever in Miami was passing on Herbert.

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