NFL no longer will require COVID-19 surveillance testing

COVID-19 Testing Increases As More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Victoria
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The NFL and NFLPA suspended COVID-19 protocols on March 3, and that won’t change into the 2022 season. The NFL Management Council informed teams Thursday that COVID surveillance testing of players and staff no longer is required, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

It signals a return to normalcy after two years of COVID-19 protocols.

Testing for COVID-19 still should occur “when clinically indicated and/or at the direction of the club physician,” and any individual experiencing symptoms must promptly report them and receive a negative test before entering the club facility.

“Tier” restrictions in the facility or the travel party no longer apply, and clubs may individually determine whether to require COVID-19 vaccine boosters for staff, subject to state law. That means unvaccinated coaches and staff no longer will have restrictions.

Players no longer must wear devices to monitor their contacts at team facilities and limits on weight rooms and other gathering spaces have been removed.

Teams will be permitted to require players and staff to stay in the team hotel for training camp and can hold training camp at alternate locations without approval.

25 responses to “NFL no longer will require COVID-19 surveillance testing

  1. They didn’t need it the last 2 years either. One of the dumbest, panic-driven policies of nonsense that’s ever happened.

  2. Let’s be honest here, were the teams really paying much attention to the rules anyway?

  3. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers is smiling right now at all the heat he took for a lie…

  4. Stupid idea by the NFL Ohio’s Covid cases are way up which is happening in many if not most states we can pretend it’s over which seems the thing to do but that’s just childish .
    Because we never took this virus seriously we’ll be pretending it’s over 5 years from now 10 years from now etc.

  5. The NFL did a great job of keeping this deadly condition under control. They provided a clear blueprint for action and it worked. Too bad nearly one-half of the people in this country thought it better to trust the opinions of their fishing buddies and hairdressers instead of facts and science, it could have shortened the cycle by at least one year. It’s a shame that science is being ignored just so the uneducated among us don’t get their feelings hurt.

  6. Try being in Canada. The federal government still won’t allow unvaxxed people to fly, take a bus or a train. And federal employees are still fired, because “the vax stops the spread”.

  7. All I know is for the Denver Broncos to quarantine all three of their QB’s they basically saved the planet.

  8. I’m likely drunk right now says:
    June 3, 2022 at 10:19 am
    Try being in Canada. The federal government still won’t allow unvaxxed people to fly, take a bus or a train. And federal employees are still fired, because “the vax stops the spread”.

    The vax does not stop the spread. It keeps the compromised out of the hospital. It could’ve stopped the spread at the outset, but too few people wore masks and as a result variants evolved (they warned us.) That’s the science of it. It’s pretty clear. This thing has dragged on twice as long as it should’ve, due to “freedom fighters,” (barf.)

  9. The NFL did an excellent job with COVID protocols. We should all be counting our blessings.

  10. When the NFL implemented these protocols not only did it save lives, but it helped program the we@k minded.

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