Ryan Fitzpatrick texts teammates an apparent retirement message

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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Longtime NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick appears to be retiring.

Although Fitzpatrick hasn’t made a formal announcement, he texted teammates a message with a very long list of names of players he’s played with, along with the words, “Forever grateful for the magical ride.”

Fred Jackson, one of the teammates who received the text, posted it on Twitter with his own message of appreciation for Fitzpatrick.

“Congrats on a Helluva career, Fitzy!! Loved sharing the field with you!! The gratitude is all mine!!” Jackson wrote.

Fitzpatrick started games at quarterback for a remarkable nine different NFL teams: 53 starts for the Bills, 27 for the Jets, 20 for the Dolphins, 12 for the Bengals, 12 for the Texans, 10 for the Buccaneers, nine for the Titans, three for the Rams and one for Washington.

The 39-year-old Fitzpatrick ends his NFL career with 34,990 passing yards, 223 touchdowns and 169 interceptions.

17 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick texts teammates an apparent retirement message

  1. That’s more passing yards than Steve Young, YA Tittle, Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner, Sonny Jurgenson, Terry Bradshaw, Ken Stabler and Joe Namath! That’s crazy! Congrats to the Beard, the NFL will be a bit less fun without him.

  2. Congrats on a fine career! Always a pros pro great teammate and a pretty darn good QB’

    Enjoy your retirement Fitzmagic!!

  3. To the Amish Rifle, it was a good run and ya made a ton of money doing it!!

  4. Was at a game his rookie year; Rams at Texans. The Rams starting QB (can’t recall whom it was that day) got injured, in comes this rookie from Harvard. Silly Texans fans (been fooled by the McNairs for 2 decades now) thought they had the game won, but Fitzy throws a dime to a Nate Burleson cutting across the middle and then yac’s it for a winning TD in OT. That day the Texans showed who they always will be (a McNair led bottom feeder of the league) and Fitz showed who he was; a scrappy winner. Helluva career, not a single thing handed to him.

  5. Those first two games of 2018 in Tampa were EPIC! 9 Touchdowns, 854 Yards, 1 INT, 0 Fumbles.

    At the time, that was the greatest two consecutive weeks of Tampa football we had had in over 10 years.

  6. Always an easy guy to root for as a Bill and anywhere else… besides the AFC East.

  7. Always a fun guy to watch and possibly the streakiest player in NFL history.

  8. The dude just showed up and did his job, ever day. The consummate professional. Enjoy your retirement sir…..

  9. We used to go to 1, maybe 2 Harvard games a year when I was stationed in that area but one time we went and Fitzpatrick was the new QB. Wasn’t very long before my buddy turned to me and said, “This guy can play.” He sure could and we didn’t miss another home game. We were both surprised when he got drafted (I mean Harvard, ya know…played the Yalies, Cornell Big Red, etc) and we’ve watched his remarkable career since.

  10. He should get in the NFL Hall Of Fame just for being good enough to start for so many teams. I wish him well!

  11. One of my favorite players ever, consummate team first guy and a thrill to watch on the field. Played all out, no fear. Gonna miss him!

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