Tua Tagovailoa: Twitter warriors and keyboard warriors criticizing me aren’t at practice

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Last month, the Dolphins posted a clip on Twitter of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa under-throwing wide receiver Tyreek Hill on the practice field. That led to plenty of talk that Tagovailoa lacks the arm strength to take advantage of Hill and the Dolphins’ other speedy receivers.

Tagovailoa is aware of the talk. But he says it won’t affect him.

“For me, it’s just zone that out. We come out to practice. Everyone else — Twitter warriors, keyboard warriors, whatever you want to call them — they’re not out here practicing with us working hard,” Tagovailoa said.

Tagovailoa also referenced a pass he threw to Hill at today’s practice, calling it one that should put to rest any questions about his arm.

“I don’t know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek,” Tagovailoa told reporters. “I don’t know about you, but that looked like money.”

As reporters told Tagovailoa, they’re not allowed to film at practices. Perhaps the Dolphins’ social media team was able to capture that throw.

31 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa: Twitter warriors and keyboard warriors criticizing me aren’t at practice

  1. Sounds like he can’t take criticism. Dolphins will be looking for a new QB by mid season

  2. Tua dont respond to the haters it makes you look weak.Show us on the field son and then you will earn the praise.

  3. Seeing comments like this from a pro QB is not good. That means its getting to him.

  4. I think most would agree that Tua is not Mahomes. I believe that Tyreek and Devante Adams are going to quickly discover that it’s a bit easier to be a great WR when you have two HOF QBs throwing you the ball.

  5. If he has to comment on it then it sounds like it is affecting him. And then he has to talk himself up about making a single throw afterwards… Way too much talk about things that should be standard, like completing passes. You can tell his confidence is shot.

    Also, what on earth were the Dolphins social media thinking posting a clip of their embattled QB entirely missing a throw? I know they’re probably just thinking Hill is fast, but showing off the QB not even being able to get the ball to him, that won’t help anyone’s confidence.

  6. ^ It’s like some you don’t understand how these comments come about… he’s not calling a press conference to let everybody know this. He and all these players are simply responding to questions that are being asked by a reporter. He was clearly asked about criticism on social media and he replied. So, no, his quote doesn’t make him look weak.

  7. however people do have eyes and anyone who can see and has a brain can tell you that Tua is not an NFL caliber QB (In 2 years he will probably be in the USFL or XFL or whatever spring league there is in 2024).

  8. He is going to be great in that offense. Most of the passing plays are quick-hit crossing patterns and Tua is very good at those quick decisions. And his long ball is more accurate than Jimmy G, who has nonetheless thrived in that offense. Great things ahead for Dolphins the next several years.

  9. The left handed Chad Pennington is salty over Twitter comments before TC even starts? LOL!!! This ought to be a joy to watch this year.

  10. Someone needs to tell Tua its not that complicated since if you play well and win whatever negativity that is there automatically gets drowned out. Being a QB in the NFL is the most Polarizing position in all of Team Sports because you have the Masses( including some those teams OWN FANS) just circling like VULTURES and rightfully so if that QB is perceived to be the WEAK LINK.

  11. It’s not his fault he got stuck in a lousy situation. Hopefully he stays healthy and has a clear year to show his full potential.

  12. Maybe he is sick and tired of the journalists constantly on him.
    I don’t blame him and hope when he proves everyone wrong he remembers the ones constantly bashing him and declines interviews

  13. inozwetrust says:
    June 2, 2022 at 1:00 pm
    I think most would agree that Tua is not Mahomes. I believe that Tyreek and Devante Adams are going to quickly discover that it’s a bit easier to be a great WR when you have two HOF QBs throwing you the ball.
    Hill had 1,183 receiving yards the season before Mahommes even became the starter. What future HoF QB was throwing to Deebo Samuel last season? Cooper Kupp had his highest average per catch his first two seasons. Guess which future HoF QB was throwing to him. I’m sure you think Barry Sanders only made it into the HoF, because of that legendary offensive line he was running behind. Right? Hahahaha Great players just need the ball in their hands. They can create separation and break tackles.

  14. Tua they’ll never stop hating. Look at Lamar… he was a unanimous MVP the 2nd in league history and still gets hate from 90% of the media and 95% of football fans.

  15. What better way to show that the outside talk isn’t affecting you than talking about how the outside talk isn’t affecting you!

  16. Tua is in a very QB friendly system now. The Shanahan/Kubiak system has elevated most QBs that have played in it. Even Brock Osweiller looked really good in this system and got a contract from the Texans. Tua should take a jump this year.

  17. Soooo… he says he doesnt listen to it…
    Follows up his last throw was money.

    He doesnt have the arm strength to throw from an off position stance the qbs have to throw when under pressure.

    He underthrows in 7 on 7 drills when he can stand up with a free look.

    He isnt the answer for miami.

  18. He’ll be out of the league next year. Failed experiment with no hope.

  19. … “but they are watching videos of me throwing lame ducks at practice”

  20. Tabasco says:
    June 2, 2022 at 12:54 pm
    And he’s totally right!
    Actually he’s not. The reason people are rightfully doubting Tua isn’t just the one throw in practice it’s combined with a underwhelming 2 yrs. He has yet to play a full season and at his best he’s been very average. He needs to worry less about what others think and concentrate at performing better on the field if it’s even possible. Based on his career so far it’s difficult to believe that will happen. It’s make or break time for Tua.

  21. The by the book answer is to ignore them and let your playing do the talking.
    But as a Dolphin fan who is sick and tired of the people who used to complain about Tannehill’s deep ball and now see many of the same come after Tua I am glad he did speak up.
    Tannehill has a lot of arm strength. More than Tua and more than Watson and Russell Wilson.
    That does not make him as good a deep thrower as Wilson or Watson because arm strength is not what determines whether a deep ball succeeds.
    The key is timing between a WR and a QB.
    And both Wilson and Watson have it.

  22. He should stop throwing the ball with both hands. I’m sure it would get marginally better.

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