Brent Musburger out as Raiders’ radio voice

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Brent Musburger will no longer work as the play-by-play voice on Raiders radio broadcasts.

Musburger tweeted his goodbye to the team today.

Many thanks to the @Raiders organization for fond memories,” Musburger wrote. “I’ll miss broadcast partner Lincoln Kennedy and the radio production crew. What’s next? I hear Mike Trout might step down as commissioner of his fantasy league. You never know!”

No reason was given for Musburger’s departure, and there’s been no word on who will be taking his place.

The 83-year-old Musburger is a legend in sports broadcasting, best known to many football fans as the longtime host of The NFL Today, which set the gold standard for football pregame shows in the 1970s and 1980s.

56 responses to “Brent Musburger out as Raiders’ radio voice

  1. Woo hoo! Not sure how he even got to tag along with the move. I vote for Lester Hayes to get the job.

  2. Well you know Greg Papa isn’t heading out to the desert… Faithful to the Bay

  3. One of the best announcers ever. His son is part of sports betting VSIN in Vegas, I’m sure he may join him in that business.

  4. He did a great job i listened to him on the Raiders app, sorry to see him go A true legend of broadcasters.

  5. He is a legend. I got to watch him in his prime back in the seventies I saw him every week doing every sport. Say what you will about him he’s one of the top greatest

  6. Like Vin Scully, Al Michaels, Keith Jackson, Marv Alberts and Pat Summerall, Brent Musberger is an iconic broadcast voice that defined sports for me growing up. So glad he had such a great run up until 83, but always sad to see these legends depart the game. Good luck Brent.

  7. Fond memories of his opening line of every broadcast … “You are looking live, from …”

  8. Always liked Brent, he was the CBS Sunday NFL anchor back when I first started following the sport.

  9. “You are looking live at….” will always be remembered. Happy trails Brent!

  10. Can you blame him, calling games for the Raiders would make anyone crazy.

  11. Love Brent but………..

    “No reason was given for Musburger’s departure….
    The 83-year-old Musburger….”

    That might be it right there.

  12. People say retire already, but really, doing one game a week from August to January ain’t exactly putting his nose to the working grindstone. I don’t blame him for hanging on.

  13. Thank you Brent Musburger for being such an inspiration. As a child, watching CBS’ NFL Today show was gotta-see-TV! Jimmy The Greek, Irv Cross, Phyllis George and Jayne Kennedy made the show great to watch.

  14. Brent, Irv Cross, Phyllis George, and Jimmy the Greek – the good ol’ days….

  15. My best memories of Musberger was doing the NFL Thanksgiving Day games. Nobody could “set the table” like Brent Musberger.
    It was just something special about having a good meal and settling down to watch Brent do the pre-game leadup before the games started.

  16. yooperman says:
    June 3, 2022 at 12:16 pm
    At 83, he might consider retiring. How many good years does he have left?
    Why retire from doing something you love? Perhaps you think he should be at home watching The Price is Right.

  17. Damn, I guess were all getting old. I remember him in Chicago back in the 1960’s. It was a big deal to see a local guy move up to primetime because back then there were 3 main network channels and WGN in Chicago. Outside of PBS, that was it.

    Thanks Brent!

  18. Going to miss him; he’d have been crazy to walk away from the Raiders any sooner.

  19. Brent Musberger may have been good back in the day. But like late Bill King his story telling got slow.

    Enjoy retirement.

  20. Thank you Brent Musburger. His replacement? Anybody but Beth Mowins. Please! I would turn down the volume during the her broadcasts for the pre-season. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  21. Age is the most logical thing here
    But one has to wonder with as many people that have left or been fired from this organization recently that something else is going on.

  22. I am sure his comments about the professional hit job on Gruden had nothing to so with it.

  23. Burnt Hamburger will always be remembered for just that. Hope you are well, Brent.

  24. curtis20 says:
    June 3, 2022 at 11:56 am
    He did a great job i listened to him on the Raiders app, sorry to see him go A true legend of broadcasters.
    Are you for real?

    He was terrible. So frustrating. Never told you down and distance. Couldn’t paint a picture for you if Picasso was in the seat next to him. It’s bad when you’d rather hear the other teams’ announcers.

  25. Wow, all this outpouring of love for Brent Musburger? IMO, he was probably somewhere between mediocre and passable.

  26. Maybe he could do some post game reports with the Vikings- isn’t Irv Cross still doing those?

  27. You can definitely tell age groups by positive and negative posts.

    Brent, stay on my lawn!

  28. Haven’t been able to stomach him since his college broadcasting days in the 80s when he was a complete Notre Dame shill.

  29. Definitely one of the greatest of all time in broadcasting. Must be all the classless Raider fans with all the dislikes. Can’t wait till the Bolts kick their a$$ opening day!

  30. I find it interesting how divided people can be about the play-by-play announcer. Many loved Greg Papa for his touchdown calls, but behind those… honestly he wasn’t that great. It was very hard to follow what was going on during a long offensive play when he was calling games. No one could set the scene like Bill King in his prime. His call on the Holy Roller about Madden being on the field is all time!

  31. Ageism is actually when 83 year olds REFUSE to retire and hand over power to anyone of a younger generation

  32. He’s built a strong and admirable career, unlike the other Brent who ruined his legacy taking millions in Medicaid money from Mississippians.

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