Davis Webb: Daniel Jones is the hardest-working QB I’ve been around

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Davis Webb has never started a game in the NFL, but during his time as a backup quarterback he has played with Eli Manning and Josh Allen, and in college Webb was a teammate of Patrick Mahomes. Which makes Webb’s recent comments about Giants quarterback Daniel Jones surprising.

Webb, who signed with the Giants four months ago and has been working with Jones, said he’s never seen a quarterback with Jones’s work ethic.

“He’s the hardest-working quarterback I’ve been around,’’ Webb said, via the New York Post. “He’s probably the smartest quarterback I’ve been around.’’

Webb is expecting Jones to take a big step in Year Four.

“He has really good questions in meetings, takes really good notes, he’s always looking to improve, weight room, practice field, meeting room, he’s just all in, and it’s fun to have a teammate like that,’’ Webb said. “Cares that much and brings the most out of his teammates. He’s a dang good football player. I think he’s gonna have his best year.’’

Even if he has his best year, it’s hard to believe Jones will have the kind of year to justify comparisons to Manning, Allen or Mahomes.

18 responses to “Davis Webb: Daniel Jones is the hardest-working QB I’ve been around

  1. This sounds like someone just fluffing his team mate. By all accounts, Mahomes and Allen are tremendously hard workers.

  2. He does know Manning works for the organization? He’ll retract these comments soon.

  3. Imagine being the hardest worker, but still being one of the worst performers.

  4. Judging it from HS, Cal, and the Jones, that doesn’t necessarily mean much.

  5. Clearly there’s another Jones just up the road in Foxboro that he’s never been teammates with.

    Spinning a Webb of lies.

  6. It’s all love for one another this time of year. Every other article is a new team mate glowing praise for another.

  7. A number of different people over the last 3 years have said similar things about Jones. I dont think there’s any reason to doubt that he’s a very hard worker. Sadly, that doesnt necessarily equate to being good enough. Barring the unforeseen, Jones’ new career as a backup QB is going to be starting very soon…and Ive been a Jones supporter since day 1.

  8. Everyone has crapped on this dude that has had zero help. Remember when Mahomes had two Linemen out in the Super Bowl and he looked like crap. Imagine he also didn’t have Hill or Kelsey. That’s what Jones has had his whole career.

  9. I can’t imagine he works harder than josh Allen. In fact, josh Allen’s ascension proves it

  10. And with his talent, skill set and curriculum vitae, Webb is in a perfect position to make that “educated” claim.
    He knows a quality QB when he sees one (as long as he doesn’t look in the mirror).
    Allen and Mahomes…you’re dirt…book it.

  11. He didn’t say he was the best, just that he works the hardest. Allen and Mahomes have a lot more God given talent. I hope DJ has a good career.

  12. Pizza Hut waitress: How was that slice?

    Webb: Best one I’ve ever had.

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