Geno Smith shifts from knowing his role as a backup to competing for starting job

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Despite Pete Carroll’s commitment to competition, the Seahawks didn’t want a backup quarterback who aspired to challenge Russell Wilson.

They had such a backup in Geno Smith. Now that Wilson is gone, Smith is trying to become the new No. 1.

On Thursday, offensive coordinator Shane Waldron was asked to describe the difference in Geno the backup and Geno the potential starter.

“Just the natural way that the room works when you’re the backup,” Waldron said. “One of the good qualities in a good backup is being able to be fully supportive of the starter. And I thought Geno did such an excellent job of really adapting to that role. But now that it’s the competition that we’ve got going, he’s able to step more in that leadership role. So you just hear from him more, you hear from him a little bit more in the meetings, hear from him more out on the field in that leadership role. . . . I think the voice of leadership for Geno is something that you see more and more now, with just the way the roles are with our offense.”

Waldron also said that Smith’s experience is emerging in his approach.

“He’s got full command of the offense, knows everything that’s going on, and understands all the concepts, all the run game concepts as well,” Waldron said. “So, he’s done a great job. He did a great job when he was in that No. 2 role, of not just being in the role, but preparing every day like he was going to be the starter that week.”

Smith played well last year when he was unexpectedly pressed into service. If he wins the starting job over Drew Lock, Smith will be even more prepared when the time comes to play.

8 responses to “Geno Smith shifts from knowing his role as a backup to competing for starting job

  1. Man the best division in the NFL is turning into the Rams and everyone else. If Geno Smith is competing for your starting job that means you are a 5 win team tops. And the Niners have completely messed a good thing up and will be terrible with the raw rookie. And sadly my Cards are overrated and will be about .500. We will split with the Rams this season but the Hawks and Niners won’t win one game against them.

  2. Are the Seahawks going to go with Geno as the starter? Insane. Why didn’t they keep Russell Wilson? Why would any organization trade away a franchise QB and Super Bowl winner at the age of 31?
    If the Seahawks are in a total rebuild… why keep Old Pete around as head coach? I just don’t understand.

  3. Another Jet reclamation project. That franchise knows how to kill careers

  4. It’s more likely they didn’t want to spend the money on a quarterback that good. They always spent less on backups since they traded Flynn. But keep trying to make something else out of it after all these years.

  5. Seahawks would’ve been better dropping off Pete Carroll who’s due for retirement anyway, and keeping Wilson who has MANY years left. Even if the Seahawks secure the #1 pick in next year’s draft, NONE of those quarterbacks will be as good as Russell Wilson. #mistake

  6. Geno will never amount to a good QB. Yeah he was the backup behind a very good QB and he practiced and played like one. His stand in play last year was pathetic as he was still playing like a backup. I actually believe that Luck will surprise many people including the writer of this article. He is pretty much an unknown and could be just as good as Wilson who was also panned when he began.
    As a lifelong Seahawk fan I thought Wilson was a very good QB for many years. But he has gone “hollywood” over the past few years. I predict he will have a horrible year in Denver. He does not have the hunger anymore. He obviously has left the church and the new glam couple of Denver are putting it all out in the public view.

  7. It’s going to be a long season as the Seahawks try to get as high a draft pick as possible in 2023.

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