Lions OC: It’s going to be a challenge to get Jameson Williams ready for season

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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The Lions traded up to take wide receiver Jameson Williams in the first round because they believe he’ll remain a dynamic player once he’s fully recovered from the torn ACL he suffered in January.

It’s not clear when he’ll reach that point and the team is now dealing with trying to get him ready to go for his rookie season without the benefit of on-field work. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson discussed the difficulty involved with integrating Williams into the offense on Thursday.

Johnson said it was different than when the Lions acquired wideout Josh Reynolds during the 2021 season because Reynolds and quarterback Jared Goff had played together in the past.

“It’s going to be a challenge cause you can’t really compare it to the Josh Reynolds situation from last year, which I would love to do because he came in late and he had to learn, and we didn’t really know him and what he necessarily did best,” Johnson said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “But at least there was a comfort level between him and the quarterback, and we don’t have that. . . . That’s a real struggle for us is to get him back, to get him healthy, and then as many reps as possible with the quarterbacks so that we know exactly where he’s going to be, we can anticipate the throw.”

Johnson said the team has a clear vision of how they want to use Williams, but it will be some time before we see if they can fully implement it in 2022.

5 responses to “Lions OC: It’s going to be a challenge to get Jameson Williams ready for season

  1. A Challenge ??

    The kid is a redshirt. Always has been.

    He JUST blew his knee out in January… its usually 18-24 Months to be at 100%.

    The Lions are a 6-7 win Team TOPS, with Jameson Williams…

    Let the kid heal…. set the team up for success

  2. Prediction: Detroit finishes in the 7 – 10 / 8 – 9 range, with some nice pieces rounding into form for a play-off run in 2023. If they can find a QB, I think they could turn the corner soon.

  3. You never know how any draft pick will turn out until they play. Taking an injured player is always a risk. Assuming the ACL heals as expected this guy is money in the bank, regardless of when he’s ready to play. Williams is fast so it shouldn’t take long to get up to speed.

  4. I don’t think the guy should play this year. Let him heal 110% and get him ready for 2023.

  5. everyone saw how quickly that Rams RB came back from an Achilles’ tendon injury and was very effective;

    that’s a far more devastating injury even with modern medical technology that almost always requires 12-18 months to recover;

    that being said, this kid is already penciled onto the PUP list and probably won’t see the field before Halloween, which means he most likely won’t be effective much before Thanksgiving;

    that puts him at 10 months recovery time from his injury so he should be safe to go the back half of the season barring any exuberant setbacks;

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