Noah Fant: Seahawks offense “very favorable” to tight ends


After tight end Noah Fant was traded to the Seahawks this offseason, he said he found the way the Broncos used him over the last three years to be frustrating.

The 2019 first-round pick doesn’t have any complaints about his new offense yet. Fant, who caught 170 passes in Denver, said this week that his early impressions of the offense are that it will be a good fit for him.

“Honestly, I like — now, granted, this is from just like a month coming in — but I like the way they use the tight ends,” Fant said, via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune. “I like the way we get passing concepts down the field. The run game, obviously it’s going to be all built off the run game, which is a huge part of the game. Obviously, the play action is going to be huge. So it’s a very balanced offense, which I like. And it’s very favorable to the tight end. So it’s nice.”

The Seahawks exercised Fant’s 2023 option before he’d even practiced with the team, so it would seem they have a similar view when it comes to Fant’s ability to make an impact in their scheme.

8 responses to “Noah Fant: Seahawks offense “very favorable” to tight ends

  1. Maybe the offense is, but not with Geno Smith and Drew Lock throwing the ball it ain’t

  2. Anyone who has played fantasy football in the last 10 years disagrees with you. But, bad quarterback play tends see TE check downs a lot. So, for Fant’s sake, I hope he goes off this year.

  3. Most of the comments so far clearly did not watch Seahawk games the last decade I have. Wilson did not utilize the middle of the field, the vast majority of pass plays were deep shots and sideline throws. Hell it took three years before he used Jimmy Graham someone they traded for (horrendous trade). I have no doubt whoever is QB will utilize TE’s better than Wilson did it would hard no to.

  4. With a check down qb running for his life, you bet it’s a TE friendly system.


  5. Very strange off-season for Seahawks fans…everyone knew Russell Wilson’s talent level would outshine anyone else who would try to replace him…I just don’t buy Geno Smith as a starting quarterback for an entire season….

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