Steve Spagnuolo: We’re going to have to live with some growing pains

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The Chiefs had 10 players who played at least 50 percent of their defensive snaps during the 2021 season and the team parted ways with five of them this offseason.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo touched on that turnover when he spoke to the media from the team’s OTAs this week. He noted the number of new faces, young and old,  that the team is “throwing a lot at them right now” to see who can handle what the team is looking for this season.

Spagnuolo knows that will lead to errors, but believes the team will have to take those lumps in order to build a successful unit.

“There’ll be mistakes out there that normally I don’t think we would make,” Spagnuolo said, via Ed Easton Jr. of There’s going to have to be some growth, you know, within the game, so to speak. There’s going to be — we’re going to have to live with some growing pains. I believe that, hopefully, we can overcome them. But I think that’s the only way we’re gonna get it to where we need it to go. Because you’re right. You just look at some guys are going to have to step up there and play.”

The amount of growing pains the Chiefs experience in the regular season can be mitigated by the work the team does over the next couple of months and the more they can work out the better given that their offense is also going through some changes this year.

6 responses to “Steve Spagnuolo: We’re going to have to live with some growing pains

  1. There was plenty of “growing pains” still with players after multiple years in his system. It is about to get a whole lot worse.

  2. The Chiefs D will roll this fall, though it’ll be til midseason before the Chris Jones, Nick Bolton, & co. are playing in sync and at their peak. Expect LB Leo Chenal to become a prized contributor, and expect our corners to be very good.

    George Karlaftis could be the difference maker at the 3/4 pole. That guy plays with fury.

  3. How will we ever recover from letting go of the likes of Sorenson and hitchens, oh I know by actually having young athletic people out there that can actually cover.

  4. The Defense will improve thanks to the new additions.
    It doesn’t need to be top 10 but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Gotta stop giving up big plays though!

  5. The Chiefs improved the day Hitchens left the building. And Reid has far more upside than the washed up bad attitude of the money badger. They’re better now that they were when the played Cinci, add a couple rookies, Spags won’t have an excuse if they’re not better than the top 15 defense.

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