Baker Mayfield’s wife say he’s doing “great” amid uncertainty

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Browns (for now) quarterback Baker Mayfield currently isn’t saying much. Recently, his wife answered some Baker-related questions on Instagram.

Via Jenna Lemoncelli of the New York Post, Emily Mayfield said Baker “is great,” and that he’s been “training a ton.”

He’s still rehabbing offseason shoulder surgery. And he’s not currently with the Browns.

She said life in the NFL has been a “learning process” for the couple. And she offered this assessment of the basic realities of being married to a high-profile NFL player: “Watching the person you love get scrutinized by the media when you see the hard work they put in, seeing all the falsehoods written in the media and having to bite my tongue.”

Baker has been biting his tongue lately, even as the Browns drag their feet regarding a future that their obsession with Deshaun Watson has hopelessly muddied. Based on recent developments in the Watson lawsuits, there’s still a chance that the Browns will need Mayfield for most if not all of the 2022 season.

Still, that bridge by all appearances has been obliterated. If the Browns need to rely on someone else in 2022, it might be Jacoby Brissett or someone else not named Baker Mayfield.

21 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s wife say he’s doing “great” amid uncertainty

  1. The Browns have severely bungled this situation, but before anyone casts Mayfield as a victim, let’s remember he’ll still make $20 million this year. This isn’t a single Mom living paycheck to paycheck at risk of labor cuts. Haslam is a joke, but Baker will be just fine.

  2. No matter how it goes … he’s financially set for life. He may be a bit less rich and famous, but compared to the other 99.9% of the world he’s on top. Way on top.

  3. no matter what happens to Watson .. Baker is never playing QB for the Browns. best guess the Browns tell Baker to stay away and will still be paid in full whil they trade to trade him. like Simms said the other day the Saints could be the landing spot for Baker..

  4. Baker Mayfield should be praying for a Watson suspension sooner rather than later. This team is the best chance he has to resurrect his career. Going to Carolina or Seattle or these other lower tier teams is not gonna help him. Cleveland is loaded and a Watson suspension is the best opportunity for him to prove to the NFL what he can do. So put your ego aside, put on your big boy pants and go win some football games with the Browns.

  5. The Mayfield’s have enough money to live happily for the rest of their lives, and then some. A QB like Mayfield or Alex Smith can stick around the league for years and retire with a couple hundred million in the bank. If you were the overall number one pick, that means a lot of teams had you rated high. Other teams with those high grades will think these QB’s could reach their potential in a different environment. There will always be a job for a guy like Baker. And the TV guys are making pretty good money, too.

  6. I think owner Jimmy Haslam and head coach Kevin Stefanski have a better chance of convincing Bernie Kosar to come out of retirement than getting Baker Mayfield to take a single snap this upcoming season.

  7. Mayfield might very well be the most motivated player in ’22 & anyone that judges Baker off of last year’s performance needs to give there head a shake. I can’t imagine doing my regular job with those injuries let alone play football. Bottom line, I wouldn’t bet against him this year whereas Cleveland (Haslam) seems to be perpetually a team that one can safely bet against.


    He has suffered enough trapped in this cesspool….
    They now have the ‘waste’ they wanted, Stop holding Mayfield back and let him go be successful elsewhere…

  9. $18 million guaranteed this year..I hope they can somehow survive all this tumult.

  10. Free Baker?! Baker can leave anytime he wishes provided he waives his guaranteed final year of his contract.

  11. The CBA made their bed, now they have to lay in it. Players can’t demand guaranteed money and then demand to be traded or released. Guaranteed Money means barring injury, you are guaranteeing a commitment to suit up and play.

  12. Yep that guaranteed 18 million has the Browns worried to death, give me a break! You gave an open check book to someone who has not even played a meaningful down for you but you will not just cut Baker loose so he can be on his way. The rest of the team is watching this saying to themselves, if they treat him like this do I really want to be here.

  13. Why wouldn’t Mayfield be “doing great?” He’ll be making $18 million this year.

  14. After that first couple seasons it was clear he was talented but overrated. And I was really sick of his commercials. But overall he is a very likable guy and I will root for him wherever he lands.

  15. Emily needs to come to terms with the facts that until Baker wins a Super Bowl, he’s not going to get anywhere near the kind of adulation he got when he was the king of Oklahoma and the college world.
    She just needs to accept those millions of dollars and try to get through the hard times as best they can.

  16. Cleveland; “WERE NOT DETROIT”

    Baker Mayfield; “We’ll least. I’m not DeShaun Watson!!”

    Strangely enough, could still come back with the Cleveland Browns , then they’d have to pay him AND DeShaun Watson!

    Might as well trade him, get picks and weather the storm.

  17. He is heading back to Oklahoma to be a coaching assistant. He doesn’t have the personality to be a backup in the NFL.

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