Cooper Kupp hopes Odell Beckham returns to the Rams

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Myles Garrett wants Odell Beckham Jr. back on the Browns. Cooper Kupp wants OBJ back on the Rams.

Appearing Friday on ESPN’s First Take, Kupp said he speaks to Beckham on a daily basis, and that it “would just be the coolest thing” if Beckham re-signs with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Beckham became a surprise late-season addition to the Rams in 2021. Cut by the Browns after the trade deadline and pursued by multiple teams, the Rams made a late, aggressive push. And they got him.

“What he was able to do coming into this offense, learning it and then being able to go out and execute the way he did was absolutely incredible,” Kupp said, via Cameron DaSilva of USA Today. “But just as a person, as a teammate, how he was in our building, I would absolutely love nothing more than to just be able to have him come back and be a part of what we’re building here. I talk to him daily, being able to keep up with him. Would love to have him back. There’s a lot of stuff that has to be worked through because of how terrible the unfortunate situation where he was gonna have an unbelievable game that Super Bowl, the way things were trending and the way the Bengals were playing us, the game plan we had in for him to be able to go off that game, it just kills me the whole way that thing worked out. But would absolutely love to have him back and I know our receiver room, I know the guys across the board would love to have him back in our building.”

Beckham was the best offensive player for the Rams in Super Bowl LVI until suffering a non-contact ACL tear. Beckham quite possibly would have been the MVP if he’d kept doing what he’d been doing. And he would have surely parlayed that into a major contract.

As it stands, he’s still available. It’s unfortunate that the Rams haven’t given him a reward for what he did, but that’s not how the business works.

They say it’s a “what have you done for me lately” league. The more accurate explanation is that it’s a “what are you doing for me right now, and what can I expect you to do for me tomorrow?” business. Beckham’s lingering free agency reconfirms that.

3 responses to “Cooper Kupp hopes Odell Beckham returns to the Rams

  1. He would be a decent #2 or good #3 somewhere. Not sure his ego lets him take a backseat to more talented receivers like Kupp and Arob though.

  2. Florio,
    How many different Rams are you now stating should have won the Super Bowl MVP? Donald, Beckman…?? Maybe Jeff Fisher? Or Eric Dickerson?
    I think you must have gotten snubbed by Cooper Kupp. Who, by the way, is THE REAL Super Bowl MVP.

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