Pittsburgh Maulers’ Ramiz Ahmed kicks 61-yard field goal in USFL game

USFL Week Eight - Pittsburgh Maulers v New Jersey Generals
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Pittsburgh Maulers kicker Ramiz Ahmed has never played in an NFL game, but he may have earned himself a training camp tryout with his performance on Friday night.

Ahmed hit a 61-yard field goal, the longest yet in the USFL, in last night’s game. The kick cleared the cross bar by a couple yards and was made despite a somewhat sloppy hold that hat the laces pointing toward Ahmed. The kick also came a week after Ahmed hit a 58-yard field goal.

The success of Ahmed (as well as Cole Murphy of the Michigan Panthers, who has a 60-yard field goal to his credit) is a reminder of how much better kickers are than they used to be. In the entire decade of 2000-2009, there were only two field goals of 60 or more yards in the NFL. That’s about 2,500 games with the best kickers in the sport, and only twice did they make a 60-yard field goal. So far in this USFL season, through just 29 games, there have already been two 60-yard field goals.

Ahmed played his college football at Nevada and was in the Bears’ training camp in 2020.

5 responses to “Pittsburgh Maulers’ Ramiz Ahmed kicks 61-yard field goal in USFL game

  1. There are not many situations where a coach will let a 60+ yard field goal attempt be tried. More would be made if more were tried. As mentioned in the article, with the improvements in skills, it seems more 60+ yard attempts should be tried.

  2. While he made the 61ydr earlier, he missed a 49yd with about 3min left that would have made it a one score game… and cover the spread. He doinked it off the left post.

    So he can kick long but gotta get those key kicks under 50.

  3. This is more reason why teams should go for it on 4th and 2, 3 or 4.

    If your offense is in a groove and you’re 10 yards outside of field goal range, why throw in the towel on points on that drive? One more first down and you’re at the very least going to get 3 points.

    This also shows why kickers are so important to a team.

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