Birmingham Stallions move to 8-0 thanks to field goal that was barely good

USFL Week Eight - New Orleans Breakers v Birmingham Stallions
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The Birmingham Stallions of the USFL have the ultimate home-field advantage. They play every game in Birmingham. And they haven’t lost one there yet.

They had a close call on Saturday against the New Orleans Breakers. It took a 29-yard field goal that barely was good to win the game, 10-9.

The video isn’t entirely clear. The ball went over the upright. From one angle, it looks like it passed inside the imaginary line that continues above the structure. From another angle, it doesn’t.

Stallions coach Skip Holtz was happy to defer to the officials.

They didn’t come over and ask me,” Holtz said, via the USFL website. “All we can do is go with what the officials signaled on the field. He’s got a lot better view of it than I do.”

Breakers coach Larry Fedora had a different approach. “I just won’t answer that, how about that?” Fedora said regarding the ruling.

It would have been fitting if the attempt had failed, since the game featured five missed kicks. The teams also combined for six turnovers.

And while this may delight the old-school football crowd that finds good defense more interesting than good offense, the NFL didn’t become what it now is with 10-9 games. Yards, points, passes, catches, lead changes. That’s what makes football exciting.

Besides, it’s entirely possible that the two teams don’t have stout defenses. It’s possible that the offenses just aren’t good enough.

Whatever the cause, the USFL will need more points if it hopes to have more than a season or two, especially with the XFL coming back in 2023.

8 responses to “Birmingham Stallions move to 8-0 thanks to field goal that was barely good

  1. The majority of USFL games as of late had higher scores than the Vegas over/under. This particular game was a dud, but most have been decent.

  2. It’s one game. The NFL had a similar game involving one of the best teams in the league losing 9-6 to the seven story dumpster fire of the Jacksonville Jaguars last season. And they were close enough to try a FG on a total of 6 drives between them.

  3. I was watching that game and I hope the quarterback play gets alot better in the second year.

  4. When I was much younger I loved the USFL ,single not a care in the world. Fast forward 2022, I don’t have 5 minutes to view the game’s especially in the spring and summer. Looks like it’s all NFL in the fall /winter for me.

  5. This league will fold soon. No one is going to the games or watching it on tv.

  6. Where are those people saying that Kyle Sloter deserves another shot in the NFL?
    You would think that the QB’s with NFL experience would stand head & shoulders above everyone else in this league…but they don’t.

  7. The Chicago Bears averaged 18 points per game in 2021, 23 point per game in 2020, 17.5 PPG in 2019. That’s an average of 19.66 PPG in a 3 year span. In 7 games in 2021, they failed to score more than 16, not even reaching 10 at least twice. Sounds like the USFL isn’t that far off, if all that matters is points scored by an offense. The Bears sell out every game, and they’ve been pretty mediocre on that side of the ball for decades.

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