Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for Packers mandatory minicamp

Capital One's The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes
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The Packers are flipping from voluntary workouts to a mandatory minicamp this week and that means they’ll be welcoming their starting quarterback to the offseason program for the first time.

Aaron Rodgers will be trading in his golf clubs for football gear during the minicamp. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Rodgers is in Green Bay on Monday and the Packers will open their three-day minicamp on Tuesday.

The minicamp practices will give Rodgers a chance to work with newly acquired wideouts like Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, and Sammy Watkins as the Packers reworked their receiving corps following the departures of Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantiling this offseason. Any chemistry the newcomers can generate with Rodgers now should help both their chances of producing and the Packers’ chances of making it back to the postseason.

Rodgers signed a new deal with the team this offseason that will pay him $150 million over the next three years, assuming he plays out the entire deal. Rodgers said during last week’s golf match with Tom Brady, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes that he thinks about retirement all the time, so there may not be too many more minicamps in his future once this week’s is out of the way.

31 responses to “Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for Packers mandatory minicamp

  1. Yay. On side note, I think the NFL’s last two head-scratching MVP awards have made the award officially irrelevant.

  2. Rodgers in minicamp? Why would he be? After all, $150 million just doesn’t buy much these days…..

  3. Isnt it about time for Aaron to negotiate a new deal? His fragile ego must feel so insulted Watson is making more than him…

  4. How painful that must be for Rodgers to be in Green Bay in the offseason

  5. Of course he’s going to show up for the mandatory sessions. All his posturing last year was to get the contract he now has in hand. For the foreseeable future, I can’t imagine him making huge waves. His ego might drive him to make the occasional ripple, but he got what he wanted, which was that contract.

  6. That golf match was the warm-up to mini-camp in Green Bay. But note to Josh, there’s three receivers drafted by the Packers. Don’t overlook Samori Toure, who had a breakout year after transferring to Nebraska.

  7. Tee Higgins would have been starting his third year as a Packer had Gute not used his first round pick to select a quarterback who doesn’t play. Could have also picked a second wideout with that 4th round selection that he gave away to move up a few spots for his QB.

  8. Mandatory: Have to report.
    Voluntary: Don’t have to report.
    50M Salary: Cap strapped
    New WR Group: Might want to start building rapport thru reps with QB other than backup

  9. Isnt it about time for Aaron to negotiate a new deal?

    Nah, he should wait for Russ to reset the market.

  10. Packer fan here, unlike all the other posters. I still wish the Packers had traded him for a boat load of picks. He is like a lot of rich famous people, he can’t see himself the way other people see him. Too many adoring fans around him for that.

  11. He has to make everything about him. The media will probably ask him questions.

  12. I just hope he will show up for the playoffs this year.

    6 wins in the last 6 postseasons.

  13. “He will realize how screwed they are without Adams”
    To the contrary,… this gives Rodgers extra motivation to prove you critics wrong. And we’ve seen what happens when Aaron has a chip on his shoulder. Right ? When Davante was injured and not playing,… the Packers were 6-0. It forces Rodgers to spread the ball around instead of focusing on Adams routes.

  14. Well, based on the 5 seconds of that golf match I observed, he obviously doesn’t need to skip camp to work on his putting.

  15. It doesn’t matter when he shows up whether it’s voluntary or mandatory. We all know his skills and he’ll be in the MVP talk at the end of year. Case closed.

  16. Love all the haters. I’m good friends with a vikings fan and he is literally frightened of this dude dropping dimes on them two games a year.

  17. What a diva. Skips OTAs. Not a good teammate. My prediction is GB implodes and GB finishes last in the NFC

  18. I wonder if Aaron will be making preseason stops in Chicago, Detroit and MN. He’s got to stay on top of his ownership interests, and see if anything can be done to properly motivate those loafers.

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