Alexander Mattison: Vikings want to have the best running back group in the NFL

NFL: JUL 29 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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Vikings running back Alexander Mattison isn’t going to be a starter as long as Dalvin Cook is around. But Mattison thinks he can be part of something special, along with Cook and the rest of the running backs who make the Vikings’ roster.

Mattison said the Vikings’ running backs room can be the best in football, and they hold each other to a high standard of performance to reach that level.

“I love it,” Mattison said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “It’s awesome to have a good group of guys that we can all push one another. We’re going to learn from one another. That skill set everybody brings to the running back room, it’s very unique. And we don’t like to say we have the best back in the league or the best one-two punch in the league, we want to have the best group in the league. So we hold that standard in the room.”

Cook is the unquestioned starter, but he said he likes to see the depth behind him.

“Having that depth and having that next guy up ready to go, next-guy-up mentality, and to have the guys ready to go produce, that’s always important,” Cook said.

Vikings running back Kene Nwangwu had 13 carries for 61 yards last season, and he’ll compete with rookie fifth-round pick Ty Chandler for the No. 3 spot on the depth chart behind Cook and Mattison, in a running back group they think can be the best in football.

11 responses to “Alexander Mattison: Vikings want to have the best running back group in the NFL

  1. They are a decent 1-2. But Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are easily a better all around duo.

  2. Dalvin needs to break that first tackle at the line before they can be considered amongst the best. When everyone knows he’s coming, they stop him.

  3. I would have thought he cared more about not posting yet another losing season. Its really hard to be successful with selfish players like this.

  4. Mattison should rethink his comment and rephrase it to be: “The Vikings want to have the best Super Bowl-contending team in the NFL.” If your running back group is great and the rest of your team sucks, then what’s the point? Go ahead, have the best running back group. Just don’t be surprised when the rest of the team stinks it another year and ruins any chance at the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl.

  5. Mattison got stopped 4th and an inch on the Seattle 6 on MNF 2 years back leading to an insane Wilson comeback.
    He plays hard but is nothing special.

  6. Mattison is tough, but just average to me. If we let Cook go next year and save 13 mil, I love Kene’s potential. Not many 215lb rbs in the NFL that run a 4.32 forty with a freakish 6.83 3-C agility test and along with a 38″ vertical! He screams Alpha!!

  7. Wow, he says something positive and goal oriented and people find fault. Tough crowd tonight.

  8. He screams Alpha!! – (Nwangwu)
    3 carries per game in college. maybe he whispers it…

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