Dalton Schultz tells Cowboys he’ll skip remaining OTAs over lack of progress on contract

NFL: JUN 02 Dallas Cowboys OTA Offseason Workouts
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Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz signed his one-year franchise tender this offseason and said he wants to remain in Dallas for the long haul. But he hasn’t signed a long-term contract extension yet, and he’s not happy with the Cowboys about that.

That’s why Schultz has told the Cowboys he won’t attend the rest of voluntary Organized Team Activities, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

Schultz will be on the Cowboys for the 2022 season at a $10.931 million guaranteed salary, so there’s no risk that he won’t be with the team when the season starts. But he’s attempting to show them that he wants a better offer by skipping voluntary work.

The four-year, $56.75 million contract that tight end David Njoku recently signed with the Browns is probably in the range of what Schultz is seeking.

9 responses to “Dalton Schultz tells Cowboys he’ll skip remaining OTAs over lack of progress on contract

  1. I blame Travis Kelce for opening his mouth and saying TEs need more money like WRs

  2. Lol he better get his butt back in there.. this might be his only chance at a big deal

  3. That’s really odd because Jerry Jones says the one thing he knows how to do is get a deal done.

  4. I think that Dalton Schultz is drastically miscalculating how replaceable he is. The fact that Njoku got $14M/yr from the Browns should say more about the Browns remaining completely on-brand for them, and less about the market for average/slightly above average tight ends.

  5. Dalton Shultz is more toward the upper end of the TE class than Njoku . . . unfortunately for the Cowboys the Browns way overpaid their tight end who they still view as having a high ceiling despite his ample time in the NFL to prove that his skillset can translate to field productivity.

  6. Um, kid youre getting bad advise from your agent. GEt you butt in camp today, you can and will be repelced with ease.

  7. Deal making genius Jerry’s mo is to brag how great he is then at the last moment out of desperation gives the player a record setting contract that leaves little room to cut that player if needed. And now getting rid of the receivers, Dalton becomes one of the primary weapons and should push for $20 million a year.

  8. he is the middle of the pack in my opinion. he should be happy with the 10 mil he is getting this year. he didnt beat anyone out for the spot. he won it by injury.

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