Deshaun Watson’s lawyers are “unable to respond” to 24th lawsuit “at this time”

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When the 23rd lawsuit was filed last week against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, lawyer Rusty Hardin issued a pointed and aggressive statement.

A much different statement was issued in response to the 24th lawsuit.

“We are unable to respond to the new lawsuit at this time,” Hardin said. “Our legal team has not had time to investigate this new filing and had not heard her name until today. Deshaun continues to deny he did anything inappropriate with any of the plaintiffs.”

Last week’s statement arose from the fact that the legal team was aware of the identity of the plaintiff. She had given an interview last year about her allegations and had otherwise communicated with Watson’s lawyers. This week’s statement implies strongly that this latest claim is news to Hardin and company.

The allegations contained in the 24th lawsuit are graphic and disturbing. And while they are simply allegations, the simple reality is that the plaintiff will have an opportunity to tell her story to a jury — and that Watson will have an opportunity to respond. The case will come down to whether the jury believes the plaintiff or Watson.

If Watson’s legal team wasn’t previously aware of these allegations at all, it also means that the 24th plaintiff had not filed a criminal complaint. Which means that, in theory, she still could.

15 responses to “Deshaun Watson’s lawyers are “unable to respond” to 24th lawsuit “at this time”

  1. This guy ain’t playing in 2022. And quite possibly 2023. This is a train wreck.

  2. When is enough enough? It’s time for the league to take unprecedented action, and get this serial predator out of the league for at least the next two seasons at a minimum

  3. “Hey Baker, it’s me Jimbo Haslam.. How do you feel about suiting up for the Browns this year.. You know you were always our first choice”..

  4. The interesting part is when some of you pick convenient times to trust the judicial system (and those who enforce it) and when you don’t. The police didn’t arrest him. 2 grand jury’s went through the evidence with a fine tooth comb and exonerated him. But In the court of public opinion, he’s guilty? 🙄. So we’re no longer trusting the judicial system now? Got it!

    This seems like people know a settlements is coming and want a piece, as well.

  5. Too funny and tragic. If you are a Browns fan right now your great children might not see a first Super Bowl appearance.

  6. If he’s guilty through the legal system he’s a serial predator, if he’s not guilty then he’s a serial creep. He’s losing this either way.

  7. This 24th lawsuit is like buckshot. The prior 23 were single shots. I would not want to be DeeShawn’s attorney having to deal with number 24. While you may be able to dismiss some of the prior 23, the damaging one is the latest. If any of that contention is true, DeeShawn better learn how to cook french fries. That will be all he will be qualified to do next year.

  8. There is a difference in proof standards between Civil and Criminal cases. I wish those supporting DeeShawn would learn this. If you did, you’d see why DeeShawn should now be very worried.

  9. I’m officially DONE trash talking the Cleveland Browns fans…it’s really unfair right now for them.
    The organization sucks.
    The fans deserve better

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