Kevin Stefanski has no comment on whether Baker Mayfield will be at mandatory minicamp

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Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said on Monday that the team will hold a mandatory minicamp practice at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio next week, but he didn’t have anything to say about quarterback Baker Mayfield being there.

Mayfield remains on the Browns’ roster, but has been away from the team since they traded for Deshaun Watson in March. Mayfield, who had left shoulder surgery after the 2021 season, has only missed voluntary work to this point and the team could require him to attend the June 14-16 minicamp or face fines.

On Monday, Stefanski told multiple reporters he had no comment on how the team plans to handle the situation.

They could also excuse Mayfield and that may be a likelier path to take as they’ve been trying to find someone to trade for him since swinging the deal for Watson. That effort has not paid off as teams don’t want to pay Mayfield’s full salary for the 2022 season and the Browns haven’t agreed to offers that would have them pay for the lion’s share.

Everything with Mayfield has played out concurrently with the ongoing civil lawsuits filed against Watson as well as a league investigation into the sexual misconduct claims against him. That investigation could result in a suspension that would leave the Browns in need of another starting quarterback, but there’s been no sign that turning back to Mayfield is on the table at this point.

11 responses to “Kevin Stefanski has no comment on whether Baker Mayfield will be at mandatory minicamp

  1. Baker Mayfield gave his heart and soul to the team. The team threw him away like leftovers that have spoiled. The Browns put all of their precious eggs in Watsons fragile basket. I hope Mayfield plays hardball with the Team and gives them nothing.

  2. If I were Baker, I’d show up just to make the folks who made the decision feel absolutely uncomfortable. The team has clearly wanted to get rid of him so he should make sure they pay for that opinion.

  3. Amazing how badly the Browns handled this situation. They hugely and badly overpaid for Watson, who now will probably get suspended for the year, treated Mayfield like dirt while simultaneously not taking advantage of QB-needy teams. Now they will have neither and won’t win 7 games.

  4. Baker should be THE best team player on earth. The Brownies are dying for a reason to not pay him, and ‘conduct detrimental’ is the best way to do that. I’d show up to everything … early … and with donuts.

  5. The smart thing for Mayfield to do is the best he can for the team he is under contract with. Other teams will value that when the time comes.

  6. They want him not to show up so they can recoop some of the money they’re about to eat once they do trade him. Don’t take the bait Baker.

  7. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but Baker needs to start showing his next potential team that he’s a big boy and is able to roll with the hand that he’s been dealt.
    Now isn’t the time to be petulant and whiny.
    He should show up…say as little as possible…and just go about his business.

  8. I love how I’ve watched all the comments piled on Baker for being mediocre all these years, and now suddenly everyone’s acting like he’s a superstar. Where were all you guys last fall? Lol

  9. I had a German co-worker tell me one time, “Disgruntled workers are never hired…they are made. Made through a variety of reasons but, usually BAD MANAGEMENT is the key reason.”

    Did the Browns draft a disgruntled QB, or create one?

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