New lawsuit claims Deshaun Watson secured massages from random strangers “more than a hundred times”

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The 24th lawsuit filed against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson opens with general allegations regarding Watson’s alleged habit of securing massages via Instagram. One specific excerpt from the first page of the complaint stands out.

“Defendant Deshaun Watson has a disturbing pattern of conduct,” the complaint contends. “Each of the cases against him is strikingly similar, evidencing a habit or custom: Watson seeks out random strangers on Instagram, as he has done more than a hundred times.”

More than a hundred times. Presumably, there’s evidence to support that claim. Evidence that likely comes from efforts to develop relevant facts in the other cases.

If it’s true that Watson has used social media to secure “more than a hundred” massages from “random strangers,” that’s a dynamic about which the league office clearly should be concerned. Regardless of the specific allegations and defenses in each of the various cases, these circumstances — combined with the recent efforts of attorney Rusty Hardin to normalize the practice of receiving and/or seeking “happy endings” — paint a troubling picture. One that tends to support if not confirm the general notion that Watson combined his immense fame with the relative anonymity of social media to create a system for seeking not legitimate massages but sexual encounters.

It’s a “know it when you see it” situation. Hardin can pick nits and/or quibble over details. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Watson had a well-established habit of seeking out massages from strangers. Now, 24 of those strangers have sued him for the things he said and did during those massage sessions.

The league continues to investigate. To ponder. To weigh the appropriate punishment to recommend, a decision that will spark an independent disciplinary process.

In late March, the Commissioner took paid leave off the table, even though some in the league office believe Watson should be sidelined with pay until the various civil cases are resolved. Based on recent developments (specifically, the two new lawsuits and the comments made on Friday by Hardin), perhaps it’s time for the Commissioner to reconsider his position on leave with pay.

If, as alleged in the latest lawsuit, Watson has used social media to arrange more than 100 massages with “random strangers” and if, as Hardin seems to suggest, Watson’s defense will include the position that there’s nothing wrong with receiving or pursuing sex during a massage, the most prudent course for the NFL could be to place Watson on the Commissioner Exempt list until each of the pending lawsuits are resolved, with formal discipline to happen thereafter.

73 responses to “New lawsuit claims Deshaun Watson secured massages from random strangers “more than a hundred times”

  1. Wow! The ship is sunk if is there is any evidence of this! Poor Browns fans. Baker Mayfield’s laughter can be heard in Michigan.

  2. This is probably the only time I won’t feel bad for a team having to pay a player who isn’t allowed to play.

  3. It’s kind of how it works when people are into this lifestyle. Going to be interesting when scrutiny comes up about what happened with other clients. I’m going to take a million that they didn’t just get massages.

  4. While not the most Christian thing to do for a guy who expresses faith, there is nothing illegal in seeking “massages” on social media

  5. If he wanted high-quality massages, he would have paid for them at legitimate providers. The exact thing could be said for Robert Kraft.

  6. I don’t think you can publish some of what’s alleged Watson did in lawsuit #24 on here…

    It is nothing less than disgusting.

  7. This seems to be unable to get any worse for Watson and The Browns, yet almost daily it just gets worse !! The chance of him starting week 1…. 0%…. week 17….not much more

  8. I’m no huge Baker fan but it’s going to be soooo Cleveland to get rid of the one qb who finally got you to the playoffs after 1 bad season all to have this blow up in their faces

  9. Well you can make his punishment 100x the famous owner who did the same thing. 100x zero games= zero games.

  10. I am in no way supporting DW, but I do find it “interesting” that all these new allegations come out after he signed a massive contract.

  11. Real question here; Is it too late for Cleveland to unwind that contract deal?

  12. I always suspected that Watson’s trade demand had more to do with the massages than being upset with Cal McNair and the Texans organization.

    Now I am convinced.

  13. Wasn’t it also alleged early on that that he flew someone from Atlanta to Texas for a massage? If true (or proven) doesn’t that put it into the federal scope of charges? (Interstate commerce?)

  14. Why should he get paid while on leave? It’s basically a reward. Such an awful message to send.

  15. The NFL shouldn’t let him on the field until the cars are resolved. This situation is what the commissioner’s list was for. Just like last year.
    Once the cases are resolved then come with the suspension.

  16. Although Watson has a now obvious massage sex addiction, for which he should be seeking psychological treatment,his lack of forthcoming is why he should be suspended in my opinion.

  17. It’s time for the league to VOID HIS CONTRACT. It must act now, and it must send a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This is disgusting

  18. I was the guy who screamed “shakedown!” when this stuff first came out. But at this point? Deshaun, get some help brother – you need it.

  19. If all of these allegations are true, you can stick a fork in Watson. How disgusting, and what a waste. No fan base deserves this.

  20. The grand jury looked at actual evidence as opposed to media reports and did not indict.

  21. Shame Haslam isn’t as good at running a football team as he is selling diesel fuel

  22. The GM, John Dorsey, who took Baker over Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson made millions and completely blew it. How is there not 32 people in the world good at this job?

  23. Young handsome millionaire star QB in the NFL. Surely he could date in a normal manner. Appears that he is a sexual predator

  24. One hundred, eh? OK. But over what period of time? Watson was with the Texans for four years, or 208 weeks. That computes to one masseuse search about every two weeks. Not so bad. In fact, not bad at all for a 25-year-old celebrity desirous of privacy. (Aside: All the males on this thread should take a moment to recall their mid-20’s and all the hounding around they might have done. Hypocrisy’s an ugly thing.)

  25. What he did is inappropriate not illegal. League should still give him 2-4 games suspended just for conduct detrimental to the league. People in here claiming he should lose his livelihood etc are insane though, hes got a few issues, but more often than not everything he was involved with was completely consensual. Lets move on already.

  26. I hope the NFL holds the Browns to this contract and doesn’t let them squirm away from it. The team over inflated the wage structure for players and now needs to have its nose rubbed in it.

  27. The Browns must have a different definition of what having an adult at QB means.

  28. 1-League puts him on Exempt List.

    2-Watson suddenly is highly motivated to settle and does.

    3 League gives suspension that lasts until end of 2023 season.

    This is the mostly likely sequence.

  29. Imagine hiring a lawyer that thinks that “happy endings” are legal. Watson hired a lawyer that doesn’t apparently know the law that is specific to his case. Wow.

  30. afcnorth54 says:
    June 6, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    The Browns must have a different definition of what having an adult at QB means.

    **Underrated comment alert**

  31. Wow! Mayfield should go scorched earth and force their hand now. He owes the Browns NOTHING!

  32. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the behavior stated in this article on buses and subways. It is highly disturbing and the individual who commits such acts seems disturbed as well. While doing so in front of a massage therapist is not illegal, it is completely disrespectful — and yet Watson claims he has never disrespected a woman. So I hope he’s telling the truth and the plaintiffs are lying.

  33. Apparently, the Browns can’t draft or trade!

    Draft; Johnny Manziel

    Trade; D. Watson

    Poor Browns fans!

  34. Watson needs to up the ante and start making these cases go away one by one. Theres no other way around it. Both him and the Cleveland Browns completely whiffed on the severity of all this and it gets worse each passing day.

  35. If this is true, then a court ordered search warrant of his social media accounts would back up this claim. If there’s no proof of this, then this would be considered defamation.

  36. The man has a sexual addiction problem and should be with a mental therapist. If Cleveland doesn’t help him get his act together,.. it’s only a matter of time and they will be dealing with other issues with Watson and women. And I’m not kidding. He’s got a problem upstairs.

  37. The Dolphins have been doing everything right for 2 years now. One of the more notable was NOT signing this creep last November! I feel bad for Browns fans. This is not going to end well and will take 5 years to make up for.

  38. Baker Mayfield should be allowed free agency right now, free and clear. Not even a fan of Mayfield, but he should not be a safety net. If gambling isn’t allowed in the NFL, the Browns are guilty, guilty, guilty.

  39. For a supposed smart business man this owner sure is dumb . Should have waited till all this garbage was cleaned up before you paid that ungodly massive contract. Poor Browns fans now have to foot the bill because Hassan won’t have it come out of HIS profits.

  40. He should be suspended at this point. The simple fact he is a pro athlete and gets massages from people on instagram tells you everything, especially when the top people in the field are right at your place of work.

  41. supercharger says:
    June 6, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    How in the world did this man find time for football?


    Well, first he went 4-12 and then he quit on his team for a year. So he apparently didn’t find time for football.

  42. If I’m the Browns I’m exploring the options of suing Deshaun for misrepresenting himself in contract negotiations. If he cannot get all these cases settled, then the Browns need to try to recap that money. If he gets the cases settled, or wins them all, then he should be viewed as innocent and allowed to play. That’s just how it is. He sure needs to rethink his life at this point.

  43. If the NFL bans Watson, does that let the Browns off the hook for having to pay the salary? I think the biggest loss at this point might be the draft picks that can’t be reversed. I think there’s a chance he never steps on the field again and thus, the Browns don’t have to pay his salary, or am I mistaken?

  44. whodey says:
    June 6, 2022 at 6:15 pm
    If the NFL bans Watson, does that let the Browns off the hook for having to pay the salary? I think the biggest loss at this point might be the draft picks that can’t be reversed. I think there’s a chance he never steps on the field again and thus, the Browns don’t have to pay his salary, or am I mistaken?
    The Browns left a loophole in Watson’s contract about not being able to void his contract for the massage fetish. The loophole is good for 2022 & 2023. It does require that he make full disclosure of the relevant facts at the time of signing. Mike Florio wrote a detailed piece right here at PFT 3 or 4 days after the contract was signed. It should not be too hard to find.

    Bottom line, if Watson was forthcoming the Browns are stuck with him at least through 2023.

    Also, if Watson was forthcoming it means the Browns knew about all of this and brought him in anyway.

  45. frisco229 says:
    June 6, 2022 at 4:33 pm
    Browns fans don’t need your pity. Big QB upgrade.
    Except that at this rate, he will NEVER play for the Browns….and I don’t pity you, I laugh at your response….lol….

  46. Put him on paid leave this year with his $1 million salary and then suspend him for a year next year when it would also be much larger money he loses.

  47. Commenters always asking about this guaranteed money.
    Trust it, Cleveland installed Club Protections in this deal.

    Let it all play out, perhaps?

  48. I feel very confident in stating that, with the Watson deal, Jimmy Haslam has firmly established himself as the worse owner in the NFL. This was all his doing, just like drafting Manziel was. He’s awful, makes foolish decisions, and won’t get out of the way of the football people.

    Sell, Jimmy, PLEASE!!!

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