NFL declines comment on recent developments in Deshaun Watson case

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Plenty has happened in the Deshaun Watson cases over the past week. So we asked the league office for an update given the filing of two new lawsuits and the controversial radio comments made last week by attorney Rusty Hardin.

“No update,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “We will decline comment as the matter remains under review.”

The questions posed to the league included whether paid leave was back on the table, given recent developments.

Thus, it remains completely unknown what the NFL will do. It’s entirely possible that the events of the past week will make things worse, not better, for Watson.

With the entire Personal Conduct Policy a P.R. tool masquerading as an in-house criminal justice system, the impact of two fresh lawsuits (after more than a year of no new litigation) and Hardin’s widely criticized effort to downplay the habit of receiving and/or pursuing “happy endings” at massages cannot be ignored. The league likes to wait as long as possible to make these types of decisions, and it’s possible that the past week has helped move the needle toward a more stringent punishment for Watson.

The clock keeps ticking for the league. With a new, three-step procedure for imposing discipline on a player, time will be needed to finalize the process. Hardin has said that Watson’s camp expects to hear something in June. As of tomorrow, the first week of June will be over.

Inevitably, Watson’s case will be. At this point, nothing can be ruled out. In our view, at some point the voices in the league office arguing for Watson to not be permitted to play until all civil cases are resolved will be standing on stronger footing. There’s a chance that, due to the past week, they now are.

18 responses to “NFL declines comment on recent developments in Deshaun Watson case

  1. I hope he has to play… and get paid.
    Embarrass as he falters.
    He’ll get crushed at away games… maybe at the factory too.

  2. NFL should do nothing until all cases are resolved. Let Cleveland sleep in the bed they made with Watson this year. It won’t be a fun time for him. Then when everything is resolved next year suspend him for the remainder of his contract.

  3. the fact the the NFL is letting this circus continue as long as it has without any dicipline is tarnishment enough for the shield. At a certain point it will be too little too late. The NFL apparently condones his behaviour, otherwise they wouldnt let this guy be the highest paid athlete to ever walk the face of the earth.

  4. It’s painfully obvious that the NFL doesn’t have a clue what to do about this situation while it builds up momentum like a runaway locomotive.
    There’s no video to make things easy for them.
    The NFL employs an army of attorneys, but how many of them are criminal lawyers?
    And Roger himself isn’t an attorney. He just likes pretending to be a judge.
    When Deshaun Watson came out of college, who thought that he would be the one to bring down the entire league?

  5. unpopular opinion, but even if only a fraction of these allegations are true, he should never play another down in the NFL. it’s time for the league to quit with all the performative wokeness and put its money where its mouth is. no amount of talent should compensate for a sexual predator like this to be on the field

  6. I’d probably decline comment too if I was about to suspend someone for 2+ years

  7. I just don’t see any way that Watson weasals out of this. He’s got 24 lawsuits against him plus a report of asking other women for massage. The league really needs to put their foot down on this one. They are losing credibility. In addition, the Browns should voluntarily put Watson on ice until this plays out. It looks really bad.

  8. If Watson is not suspended, he will have to play Houston in Houston in October!

    You will not be able to hear due to all the booing!

  9. They should put him on the exempt list this year and let him earn his 1 million pay along with his 40 million bonus pay. The Browns thought they were being slick so he would not lose any money this year if suspended so let him sit on paid leave then next year suspend him the whole season and lose that 40 or so million. That punishes him and the Browns. They both deserve it.

  10. Hard to believe he’s not on the exempt list. Why not suspend him till further notice?

  11. I’m 60 I’ve been a long time suffering Brown’s fan, I’m actually thinking of ditching the Browns, this organization is cursed no matter what they do. WTH!!

  12. Easy solution, indefinite suspension completely away from anything NFL so he can focus on his legal cases. Once all the cases are completed he can petition the league for reinstatement who then can levy punishment based on the outcomes of the 24 (and growing) civil cases. If he loses any cases then probably should lose his privilege to be part of the NFL.

  13. The NFL needs to get this right.

    Put him on the Commissioners Exempt list in 2022 and do a full investigation. Then after all the facts are in issue a punishment in 2023.

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